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Mattel Disney PLANES: Next Wave – Last Wave Planes Diecasts, Part 2

Wave 3 should be the next and last wave of PLANES diecast – Part 1 is in this post, this is Part 2, the last of this wave.

Netherlands – Van Der Bird

Van Der Bird

Turkey, Vichi.

Russia-Koyla Ianov

Russia – Koyla IanovTurkey - Vichi

These are all listed as singles but it’ll be interesting to see how many packaging variations they can come up with these.

Yellow Bird is also listed.

yellow bird

“John H.” spotted Sparky, the Pitty available – there are two more “mystery” tent gift sets so it looks like Sparky, Skipper and tent will be one of them.


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  • saukoon says:

    Surprisingly, I just found Van Der Bird (Netherlands #55) at Kuala Lumpur shopping mall. No other new planes though

    (MET: Was it on a PLANES not PF&R card?)

  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    I saw $5.99 at several western Washington TRU’s. I was aghast. However, about a week later the Tacoma, WA store dropped the price back to $4.99. TRU needs to go out of business if their prices remain so out of line. Locally, Wal-Mart’s singles are $3.47. Target does not have uniform pricing in the area; $3.49 to $3.96.

  • kfalcon77 says:

    I found Cartney Carsper at TRU and Tsabasa and Franz at Walmart. The first time I had ever seen Franz at a store. My TRU has its cars priced at 5.99 a piece and 2 for 6.00. Are any other TRU’s priced so high?
    Also, where do I look for the Easter Judge Davis?

    • John says:

      Look for Easter Planes at Kroger stores. (Ralph’s market here in Los Angeles) The rare ones may be long gone ‘tho. Easter displays were set up a few weeks ago…

  • BMW says:

    I did not find any new Planes at TRU yesterday with the sale started. Walmart had a new shipper and it had Rochelle, Tsubasa, Franz, and more. I saw 4 Tsubasa as they were putting them out yesterday.

    Target also has dropped their price on single planes.

    Never saw the Jolly Wrenches 4 pack here. Tons of Air Ambush load the shelves.

  • John says:

    Second wave of Jolly Wrenches set just hit our Target.

  • Momoe says:

    I picked up a Tsubasa single yesterday at WM (Central VA)

  • spider says:

    Any news on some of the rumored planes?
    Chug with Hat, Colin Cowling, Dottie (Single), Jackson Riles, Judge Davis, Roger?

  • carcollector6 says:

    I still haven’t seen the Jolly Wrenches set with Hector Vector. Has that been released yet, or can we assume it got cancelled?

    (MET: It got a limited release … most Target boxes seem to have a first limited release plus a big reshipment … of course, past history may not mean anything …).

  • John says:

    April 6-12 TRU has Planes and sets for buy one, get one half off. Cars two for $6.00.

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