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Mattel Disney PLANES Fire & Rescue: Box Sets – The 7 Pack

If you’re not a packaging completist, it looks like you can grab most of the main pitty characters in a box set – here’s the 7-pack with Pontoons Dusty, and definitely 4 of the 5 smoke jumpers pitty’s (Avalanche, Drip, Dynamite & Pinecone) plus the mechanic pitty, Marv.


There are only 6 shown but presumable, it’s the missing smoke jumper pitty, Blackout? But maybe they want you to buy that one as a single?

There are also 2 mysterious 6-packs with no detailed breakdown. It would be cool if that box set included all the smoke jumper pitty’s plus Marv and no PLANES.

So, while not listed as exclusives, each retailer could get different box sets even though the vehicles/PLANES end up as all the same (as with PLANES).


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