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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Singles CASE A – Back to the Disney • Pixar Future

Several oddities – 2014 started with the continuation of the case code lettering of 2013 but with the new card designation DISNEY WORLD OF CARS.

But now, after running through the rest of the alphabet – CASE A seems to have arrived at retail … and it’s back to the more correct “Disney • Pixar CARS.”

Thanks, “Rob (My Volleyball Team of Kids),” for the heads up and photos.

There does not seem to a CHASE CAR in CASE A … Is there a Super Chase Twin Case? Unknown as of now.

There are three new CARS releases.

Lubewig looks like a great sculpt and a fun character.


Nigel with Flames is not spectacular but better than just a plain re-release.

Nigel Flames

Also not particularly exciting, it is new – Race Team Sarge with headset.

Sarge Headset

What’s interesting is there are still some CARS only on “Disney World of CARS” cards versus the re-return to “Disney • Pixar CARS.”


The ‘back to the future’ cards.


CASE A(I’m a little confused as Lightning McQueen is listed twice under both CARS 2 names so perhaps LM is the swap out for the Super Chase twin case – but unknown what it’s called at this point – but it seems retailers who get CASE A will get 3 Lightning McQueen’s).

So, why have we gone back in time for the cards?

It’s hard to say why they would bother to print up cards with the “other” logo for 3-5 cases and then switch back other than Pixar was not happy about being excluded from their property even though of course, they’re all big (cough, cough) happy corporate family.

Thanks, “Rob (My Volleyball Team of Kids),” for the heads up and photos.


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  • tzdtmm says:

    This 2014 Mel dorado is a unibody compared to the old 2011 one, just noticed that


  • Sally.sweets says:

    Around here we are still getting those horrible N cases from 2013 no super chases or regular chases , no cars that people desire. Mattel is really loosing money from me left and right but they seem to not care. Super chases are stupid and just make the Hot Wheels guys go nuts, they are only putting out a small amount of the super chases to drive up the value. Because if they sent them all out right away well look at Hiroaki and Takeshe they were $50 cars not I see them for $15. Either way Mattel needs to get their act together and send last years wholesaler not 1 of the big three. They are being penny wise and pound foolish

  • thebreezz says:

    I get the feeling like the end of Cars2 Porta Corsa with the straight card back / end of line, then Awesome Case P . It seems they back filled with 2013 releases that didn’t get released or sold. Like the Supercharged series Movie Moments 2pk that was intended for U.S., but sold in Canada. Then the transition Nitroade pitty that was not released in WOC and then ROR series he shows up. Transition /Repackaged. Mattel is killing my pocket book. I can’t even put a # on what & how many & what series with which year when the other ran out, yet made both years from way back or WHAT AM I SAYING ! O K you have to admit that the collecting is good. I spent $ 326.00 this last 2 weeks & I had to stop going out.

  • YuKiO says:

    This case came through my local wm a few days ago. I got Nigel w/flames, Spare O Mint, Sidewall Shine and Mel Dorado. The worker there said there was a chase, and at the time I just thought he meant a regular chase, but now I know I missed the Super Chase!

  • CarsFan70MI says:

    I can confirm that the Super Chase “95” Fans Luigi / Guido have been found at retail box stores (1 per case), as part of the “Case A” described above.

    Same for “Case V” containing Super Chase Trike Feldman (1 per case), found at retail box stores, also came with Chase Magen Carrar (1 per case).

  • Jack says:

    Distribution is whacked. People are finding different cases all over. We just started getting case Y lately around here and there are already 2 newer cases being found. Not to mention case A is about 4 months behind when it should have been released. The case letters don’t correspond with the retail year anymore. It’s whacked I tell ya but I would like to find some Lubiwigs- that’s a great release.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Dear Mattel,

    How many times do I need to tell you that the No. 93 racer is “Sparemint”, NOT “Spare O Mint”?

    You don’t chew spearomint gum while checking the tachmeter; you actually chew spearmint gum while checking the tachometer.

    John in Missouri

  • BMW says:

    Since 2 Super chase Luigi and Guidos have been listed on ebay, one not far from me, pretty sure that there must be a Super chase case A counterpart.

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