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Mattel Disney PLANES: The Chug 11-Pack (Diecast Vehicle Collection Bundle)

A few days ago, a mysterious but nice looking Mack paper box bundle of 11-CARS showed up.

Now, there is a nice looking Chug version with 11-PLANES simply called Planes Diecast Vehicle Collection Bundle.

(well, technically, they call it “Vechicle” but I’m presuming it’s a typo and not some crazy trademark spelling thang).

chug box

Very nice – looks like a great holiday gift box – they might’ve sold a lot more of these if it came out last November.


Says it’s only available online – probably true. Only at Kmart.com so far – not listed at Walmart. Kmart has both sets if you’re interested. They have free ship to store though buying both entitles you to free shipping.

Thanks for the heads up, “Pontiac Michigan.”

If you are still looking for the Arturo Gift set (with Pitty & tent), Walmart has it back in stock. They also have the Body Washes (for Kids) shaped like Dusty & El Chup for $5, and a pretty cool looking Dusty-shaped balloon … when I was a kid, we only had round balloons and we had to blow them up ourselves – imagine that!

Happy shopping!

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8 March 2014 Disney Planes, Mattel Disney Planes 6 Comments


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