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Mattel Disney PLANES: New Multi-Packs (Wing Around the Globe & North Atlantic Sprint)

There are 2 new PLANES 7-packs, one much more enticing than the other …

The Wings Around the Globe Racing 7-pack (Target exclusive).

wings around 7-pack
It comes with the new #15 Jan Kowalski.

Jan Kowalski

#9 “Jessie,”


and #8 Sun Wing.

sun wing
Sun Wing & Jan Kowalski are available as singles (just shipping). Right now, only select Walmart’s seem to have them. #9 Jessie is listed as an upcoming single. Ripslinger, Rochelle, LJH Special & Dusty look to the same as the last releases.

Thanks for the heads up and photos, “Nikko.”

At TRU-only, there is a new PLANES 6-pack – much less enticing as it includes 6 fairy common re-releases plus ONE slight variant.

north atlantic sprint

I guess you could argue Arturo is hard to find but the other 4 (El Chup, Ripslinger, Ned & Zed) have all had multiple releases.

You do get one new Dusty variant, “Qualifying Dusty Crophopper.”

As far as I can tell, it’s Dusty with black paint elements versus the regular Dusty with blue striping (is that the only difference?).

Qualifying Dusty diecast

Totally worth buying 5 extra PLANES, right? Right?

Qualifying Dusty

Thanks “John H.” for the North Atlantic Sprint box set photos and “Nikko” for the 7-pack photos. Thanks!


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