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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Movie Moments 2-Pack Case G

John & Nancy and Shu & Mach Matsuo have arrived in the US in 2-packs Case G – though not technically called Movie Moments anymore, they are based on both CARS appear together in a scene from CARS 1 or CARS 2.


2-pcaks come in a case of 12.


Repeating from CASE F, Jeff Gorvette & Crew Chief Lasseter, Chick & Transberry Juice.


There is also 1 each of Sputter Stop & Gaspirin and Sheriff/Sarge.

There also appears to be a “new” packaging 2-pack of KING & TOW TRUCK TOM.

Thanks for the info, “Rob (My 7 Kids).”

(some photos of the int’l release – the US ones all have names).

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