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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Tokyo Mater Toon Singles Return to Walmart

Thanks for the great photos, “John H.”

Tokyo Mater Toon singles return as a Walmart only item.

Manji as this new single is the 2013 variant version – he has BROWN EYES as with the recent 3-pack.

His first release featured him with blue eyes.

Tokyo Mater1

John H. says the others all most appear to be the same as his initial Toon release – Dragon Lightning McQueen has a segmented plastic face.


John H found 11 CARS on the shelf – presuming the box contained 12 diecasts, there are 2 to 3 of each.

Tokyo Mater2
Ito San, Kaa Reesu and Patokaa were not on the shelf – they are probably in the next case?


They are $4.97 each – guess WM has given up on the $.88 thing.

Many of these got a limited release in the first go-around so hopefully now enough will show up on the pegs including the rare Kyandee and Komodo. Happy hunting!

It’s unknown if there are other 3-packs … repeats or otherwise – most times, exclusives lists are not very detailed.

Thanks for the great pics, “John H.”

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  • Momoe says:

    Our WM is finally finishing their Spring reset… I almost missed these today… My search image was for the previously larger Cars Toon packaging. I saw 2 Komodos, 2 Kyandee, 2 Drift Party Mater, 3 Dragon LMQ, and 1 Manji.

  • netmatrix says:

    C’mon!!! This can’t be Walmart only items!!! It came from Malaysia where i stay!!! And i waited 4 years to complete this range!! Hell!! C’mon Mattel!! C’mon!!! WTF are you guys doing??!?!? Why do you allow Ebay scalpers to sell Tokyo Mater for 300 bucks!! Why?!?!?! Why?!?!?! Why?!?!?!?!?

    • quercy says:

      The answer is really easy… Because Mattel can make TONS OF EASY MONEY !!!! Mattel is good to create new collectors. Not only maintaining old collectors… I challenge you find these TOONS in 3 months from now… Even at $5 each they are flying off the shelves like crazy. Can you name a product selling faster than Cars dies cast ? Milk, eggs and bread are selling out slower than that…

  • thebreezz says:

    I got lucky & found the same as john in Missouri reported. I have all these from before, but being a sick collect them all collector I picked up all 5. I hope they put out the other 3 that are on the back and some kool new ones that were never made like the crane that was in the play set.

  • Tom says:

    What about Bye Bye Mar?!? C’mon naw!

  • tzdtmm says:

    Anybody pick up an extra one of each, shoot me an email at jvirga at yahoo dot com. I would like all five

  • Greg says:

    Was happy to find these this morning in Walmart.

    John – looks like the missing car you have is an additional “Dragon Lightning McQueen.” Happened upon a fresh case this morning and it had 4 Dragon LMQs

  • Momoe says:

    Now this is exciting… My son’s favorite Toon is Tokyo Mater and since we only started collecting in earnest in the past year, we missed all of the Toons singles.

  • BMW says:

    The picture on the cardback is of Dragon Lightning Mcqueen (#11) with oil stains. That was the version with the determined look.
    The released one is Clean Dragon Mcqueen #35, with the sheepish eyes and grin.

  • John in Missouri says:

    I found 11 on the pegs this morning, so I would think these come in cases of 12:

    3 Drift Party Mater
    3 Dragon Lightning McQueen
    2 Manji
    2 Komodo
    1 Kyandee
    1 ?????

  • quercy says:


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