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Mattel Disney PLANES: Chug a Few Chug Variants

“Wraukn” has spotted that the new Mattel CHUG singles are “clean.”

Chug Clean  chug2
At first I thought this was the new Chug2 but fortunately, “clean” Chug has the same UPC so most likely, it’s an error that the overspray of “dirt” was not applied … or of course, in actuality, laziness – cost savings.

chug back

It’s pretty subtle in the photo but side by side, it’s pretty clear … here’s the original/first release of Chug as a single (as in the Target 4-pack).


Thanks, “Wraukn.”

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  • bobbyjack says:

    I have a Open “clean” Chug. I got a dirty one today but kept it in the package. I looked at my other Chugs for trade and they were clean. I don’t really need a “dirty” Chug, so I guess I have both to trade now.

  • Tom says:

    I saw both clean and dirty version on WOC card at WM today. I guess it just depends on who was doing the dirt spraying on a given shift and who was QCing that day?

    (MET: Since it seems to be at every store, it seems to be a production change and not just an “error.”)

    • MoMcQueen says:

      When I read your comment for the first time, I totally did not see the phrase “given shift” for what it was. I imagined I read something else, like “give a sh….”

      I think you might be able to guess what it was. Funny.

  • jezter says:

    I never noticed that… I have had mine for like a month now and I have the clean version… hmm…

  • MoMcQueen says:

    Very interesting. I saw one too and thought it odd. Clean Chug made his way as far north as Canada and he was on a World of Cars card as opposed to From Above the World of Cars. Clean Chug does not look as good as Grubby Chug. That’s for sure. I left him swinging on the pegs.

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