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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS World: Micro Drifters PLANES CARS Visual Check List 2013

“John H.” sends along a great visual checklist for those collecting the Micro Drifters CARS & PLANES.


The gang’s all here.


This post has the list from the Launch Party – did everything get released? I did not double check.


The latest PLANES releases. Very cute.


Collect ’em all.


Here’s the visual checklist of just the PLANES Micro Drifters.

John H notes, “Been nice collecting the Planes line, each pack has had three unique vehicles with no duplicates. We have one extra Dusty that came with the Quonset hut. The Cars line is running almost 2-1, a repeat for every two new ones.”




The box art on the has been updated so more are coming presumably.


Sun Wing (red & yellow) PLANE has been added to the left side. Chug added in the back. Franz added to the right and a new purple PLANE to the front right.


Thanks for the great photos “John H.”

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30 December 2013 Disney Planes, Mattel Disney Planes 11 Comments


  • JT says:

    Micro driffters planes:

    1-3)Ripslinger, ZED, Ishani
    4-6)Rochelle, Bulldog, El Chupacabra
    7-9_Skipper, Lead Bottom, Dusty Crophopper (ordinary)
    10-12)Bravo, Hector Vector, Supercharger Dusty Crophopper (white tip)
    13-15)Arturo, Sun Wing, Racing Dusty Crophopper
    16-18)Supercharged Dusty Crophopper (silver tip), Franz Fliegenhosen, Chug

    (Note 4 different Dusty)
    Dusty (ordinary)
    Racing Dusty
    supercharged Dusty (silver tip)
    Supercharged Dusty (white tip)

    • John says:

      Thanks for the list. We have the ones that you do. The confusion came from this being an old post from last December. The last pack of Planes hadn’t come out when we took the photos.

  • JT says:

    great photos.
    thanks for the update. The kid in me collect all the micro driffer cars and cars 2 and planes. They are small enough to allow me to collect them all without having to take too much space.
    From my collections there is a total of 18 completely different microdriffers planes(including 4 different Dusty)and 65 different microdrifters cars.

    John H you have 4 Maters. Are they all different?
    I only have 3 different Maters.
    1-Mater (ordinary)
    2-Mater with 95 painted on side
    3-Mater with guns on each side

    • John says:

      We count five Maters: plain, 95, guns, metallic (from TRU metallic set) and Dragster Mater?

      We are showing all four different Dustys in the photo with the Quonset hut. But we only have 16 Planes. Would you mind posting your list of 18?

      • John says:

        Also, we keep forgetting in the Micro Drifters tally, there’s also Mack and Colossus XXL.

      • JT says:

        yes your Right John.
        I have the following:
        1-Mater (plain)
        2-Mater (95)
        3-Mater(guns on each side)
        4-Mater (Dragster)
        5-Mater Metallic (Metallic Mater has 95 on it but doesn’t look much different than the Mater 95. In my opinion Metallic Mater looks exactly like Mater 95 that is why I actually did not count him. Otherwise yes I would have the total of 66 different microdrifters cars like you have on the picture.

      • JT says:

        Does anybody know if Mater racer with the 95 on the side is the same as Mater on the metallic collection?

        I got so many duplicates that I don’t remember if the Mater 95 is one and the same as Mater metallic or is it two different micro drifters?

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    I tried not to, but had to get all the ones from “Cars” — I passed on “Cars 2” though. I wish they would do a Lizzie, and while I’m at it, the Disney Store size needs a Lizzie as well.

  • toyfountain says:

    The new purple PLANE to the front right looks like the blue Arturo.
    Thanks for the pics and checklist.

  • snutes says:

    Awesome pics John………..but wasn’t it you that said you weren’t going to collect these before the movie came out. ;)……Either way good job.

    • John says:

      I think it was one of the other two or three Johns that visit here! 🙂

      Actually the collectors at our house are my twin 6-yr old boys. The microdrifters get a lot more playtime than the diecasts do.

      We decided to go with the Disney Store diecast Planes and not the Mattel ones ’cause they are closer to Cars’ 1:55 scale.

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