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Mattel Disney PLANES: New Target 7-Pack Wings Around the Globe

There is a new Target 7-pack version of “Wings Around the Globe.”

This is a repeat name of the 4-pack box set also.

Not online yet.

Target 7-Pack

$39.99 – Looks like it’s Arturo (previously only available in the Gift Set with a Pitty); Bulldog, El Chup, Ishani, Ned, Zed and Supercharged Dusty.

“Snosno” also sends along photos of the back of the box set – this next box set looks interesting.

Sun Wing (China Racer – coming as a single); Ripslinger, French Rochelle (listed as single but no release date); German racer (new reveal); the #15 Polish racer “Jan Kowalski.”, LJH 86 and Dusty.

target box back

Other than the German racer, the others are scheduled as singles (or already out) – it’s unknown if this box set will beat the singles out or follow the singles.

Thanks for the great photos and heads up, “Snosno.”


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