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Mattel Disney PLANES: Arturo Gift Set (With Pitty & Tent) – $7.99!

Thanks for the heads up, “John H.”

Amazon has the Arturo Gift Set for $7.99 – Prime shipping free, otherwise, a $35 purchase nets you free shipping.



You can check out more photos HERE.

Thanks John!

Others are also discounted!

Amazon has the El Chupacabra Gift Set down to $5.99, the Dusty one at $9.51  and Ripslinger at $9.58. Unfortunately they are out of Ishani Gift Set so only third party sellers have it – @$30.

It’s not online yet at Walmart or Target.

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12 December 2013 Disney Planes 3 Comments


  • Tom says:

    How can they make money on this? You couldn’t ship an empty box 2 day delivery for $8, let alone $6. Amazon must be getting these for free to sell this cheap.
    We got Chup while we were at it.
    I know I said we wouldn’t collect these, and I’m not, but my boy watched the movie back-to-back-to-back recently and he’s into it.

  • danrio says:

    Great timing (for me) on this article!

    I had been scouring various stores & websites for Arturo for a couple of weeks. I was in the process of formulating a “free shipping” Amazon order on Thursday when I checked out Take5. I was able to incorporate Arturo into my order. This is the lowest price I’ve seen on any of the Pit Row sets.

    Thanks, Met !!

  • D J says:

    Wow! Last night they were at $22!

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