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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: First Look Towin Eoin WGP Tow Truck

“LaneChange” also sends along some new cardback shots.

While there’s nothing really new here, it’s nice to see the photo confirmation of more Alex Hugo with Party Hat and Ivan coming in 2014.


And the first shot of the WGP Tow Truck Deluxe Oversized CAR named Towin’ Eoin.


Looks nice.


Towin Edin

Wonder what the other EOIN brothers are named?

And of course, the 95 Pit Crew cardback that just taunts you with MY NAME IS NOT CHUCK along with the other 95 Pitty’s.

Piston Cup back

Thanks for the nice pics, “LaneChange!”



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  • Tom says:

    Apparently Eoin rhymes with moan, so Towin’ Eoin doesn’t really rhyme.
    Owain would have rhymed.
    Still a cool Car. I predict we are going to see a LOT of Cars with this front end on them.

    It’s nice to see Ivan, but I have mixed feelings about these mail-ins being re-released. Like Met said, unless there is a number attached to it, “exclusive” doesn’t mean much.

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