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The Corporate Holiday Gift You Want: Solid Gold LEGO Brick

Apparently between 1979 and 1981, LEGO would actually hand out real gold LEGO’s …

This incredibly rare piece was given to LEGO employees that had 25 years of employment at the Hohenwestedt, Germany factory and was also given to couple of very special business partners of LEGO of the time. It was only given out from about 1979-1981, only one or 2 per year from my understanding.

More info & photos from BrickEnvy (which actually had this up for sale).

On a slightly different note, McDonald’s offers their employees what to tip their household staff for he holidays … “a gift from your family (or one week’s pay), plus a small gift from your child” for an au pair, “one day’s pay” for a housekeeper and “cost of one cleaning” for a pool cleaner.”

What, no info on what to tip the butler or valet?

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9 December 2013 Lego 4 Comments


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