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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: 2014 Kmart 2-packs First to Market, Not So Much …

So, while the first retail 2014 2-pack Movie Moments case is not terribly exciting (CASE F), there was hope that the Kmart First-to-Market CASE A would contain better releases scheduled.

Well, 3 of the releases in the case are:


sheriff Sarge

So, clearly these 3 are not the first to market … hopefully the other 2 are but of course, if these are 3 of the 5 2-packs in the case, there is clearly not going to be an in-store rush.


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  • BMW says:

    ^ you only listed 2 what is the third?

    • John says:

      I’m guessing Met meant that the case has two of one of these two-packs and one of the other? Leaving two unknowns? (Which could both be the same, or two different packs)

      (MET: Sorry for the confusion. There are 5 2-packs in the KM case, 3 of which are now known (as they are the same in CASE F). That leaves 2 of the remaining different 2-packs in the case unknown as of now …).

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