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Hot Wheels New: 2 Movies + Star Wars Diecasts

There are not one but two Hot Wheels movies coming, one animated and one live action.

The live action one seems to make no sense but that’s never stopped anyone from making a movie. 🙂

The story centers on a washed-up Illinois State Trooper who, after a dangerous military device falls into the hands of a criminal, fights the man his father once put behind bars.

Besides the fact that most movies features people in autos driving or chasing someone, I’m not sure why this is even a Hot Wheels movie. Do we really need a Fast & Furious clone movie? And isn’t “Hot Wheels” mostly seen as a kids brand – so no real violence, swearing and maybe just short hugs? Or perhaps just the opposite – super violent, swearing to make Samuel Jackson squirm and all-out nudity? I also don’t get it as marketing-branding? What, there are people who’ve never heard of HOT WHEELS and seeing a poster for this film will cause them to dial 911 to ask where they can buy me some of these Hot Wheels related toys?

You can read more at the Hollywood Reporter.

There’s also news they are working on an animated Hot Wheels movie but of course, that’s not really new – every few years, a direct to video one seems to pop up …

But more importantly, the Hot Wheels Group got the right to diecasts for the Star Wars property. No photos or final designs yet but you can let your imaginations run wild. Of course, the Disney theme Parks Group has CAR WARS diecasts (with eyes). The Hot Wheels ones will not have eyes obviously. They will be diecasts based on the vehicles and ships seen in the movies/specials/TV shows, etc … some will work on the “guided rail” track set features they love but of questionable actual useability. The new Star Wars will be out December 2015 so look for the diecasts by the Christmas season, 2015 if not sooner – obviously vehicles based on the new film won’t be out until then but those based on properties released might make it out sooner.

They might sell a few. So, I guess it will answer the age-old question of whether Star Wars fans can out-race and out-wrestle Hot Wheels collectors in the aisles.



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29 November 2013 Mattel 2 Comments


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