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Final Verdict – UK Spy Death “Probably Accidental”

A few years back, there was an odd story about a UK spy intelligence employee found dead in a duffel bag in his apartment (yea, he was INSIDE a duffel bag) … made odder by this photo of his apartment with some CARS toys that was released only after his death – though the date of the photograph is never made very clear …


After 3+ years, they have determined his death was probably accidental since it is theoretically possible to fold yourself into a duffel bag but of course, left unanswered is why you would then lock yourself in …

Er, 3 years seems like a long time for an autopsy but I suppose 50 people behind the black building had to sign off on it.

Original T5 post.

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16 November 2013 Disney Pixar CARS, Disney Store 5 Comments


  • pcdaly says:

    Good to see you still on this, Met.

    Although Gareth Williams worked for Britain’s GCHQ and temporarily worked for MI-6, part of his job put him in touch with the NSA in the US. All the GCHQ/NSA world wide spying revelations coming to light via NSA contractor Edward Snowden’s whistle-blowing makes me wonder whether Gareth Williams learned of the warrantless surveillance both countries were performing on innocent people. The British intelligence services were slow to notice Gareth Williams missing at work, slow to investigate the circumstances of his death (preventing London police from interviewing co-workers with top secret clearances), and now this latest pronouncement of his “accidental death” in a duffel bag. And still wonder why the apartment photos (post above and in the T5 post link) never came with captions by the newspaper that published them to clarify date of photo and what we were seeing.

  • Jack says:

    We will probably never know what really happened. Does anyone really expect the government to investigate themselves and tell us ok we are guilty of wrong doing? Yeah ok, just like the Kennedy thing. Most know the government lied but their investigation concluded that it was a man who happened to have government handlers hanging out a window from six stories up and behind the President that managed to shoot him in the front of the head. Truth really is stranger than fiction.

  • Wraukn says:

    I alwayswondered what happened.

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