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Mattel Disney PLANES: More PLANES Pitty’s Are Coming

No real surprise – mostly easy repaints or certainly small amounts of metal … it’s hard to tell if they “singles” or some other configuration but they are definitely not listed with-as a Gift Pack (Plane, tent & Pitty 3-packs).

Will they come two or 4 to a pack?

Here are the 5 that are out now (Arturo & his Pitty are scheduled next):


Ishani, Ripslinger, El Chupacabra & Bulldog’s Pitty’s – along with Dottie, Dusty’s Pitty.

Pitty's Front

Pitty Back

So, what kind of Pitty’s will we get?



Flight Deck Pitty’s?

flight deck

The monks.


The mariachi band?

Diecasts-Mariachi Band


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