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Last Year to Buy a New VW MicroBus: Brazil

No, this is not from 1979 when the last new US one was available (though the 1967 was the last year of cool, Fillmore look), Brazil VW will finally stop manufacturing the MicroBus/Kombi.

Here’s what it looks like now – pretty much as it did in 1979 (though in Brazil, they have a weird plastic front piece).


You can read more here at VW Brazil – VW Brazil Gallery Photos.

Yes, you can import one though it’s probably not a good idea to drive through Brazil, Columbia or Venezuela, then Central America and Mexico … never mind the Darien Gap or that this is not an AWD car based on 40 years old technology (plus some other geo-political reasons).

Maybe if you got the KLV version – it really existed – this is just a toy model replica but it would be a hilarious way to travel. 🙂

You can read more at USAToday.

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7 October 2013 CARS One Comment

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