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New York Comic Con: More Monster High Webarella?


On Sale at NYCC

Stop by the Mattel booth for the chance to pick up these toys! (All items are limited to two per person per line wait.)

  • Masters of the Universe® Classics Strobo traveling convention figure with bonus unmasked Zodak™ head
  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Katniss Doll
  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Peeta Doll
  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Effie Doll
  • Monster High™ Webarella™ Doll

  • Back to the Future™ Hoverboard (last remaining stock!)

Humm, so in regards to the highly sought after near-riot Monster High Webarella sales at San Diego Comic Con, either Mattel cannot figure out what’s in the warehouse or they made more. While this is welcome news for some, I’m guessing the people who were told “sold out,” at SDCC even though they were about 20th in line (after waiting in line since 4 AM) MIGHT be a little peeved.

It doesn’t say LIMITED so do they have enough to last 4 days or is this like the Peanuts ‘football’ deal, just when you get up there … yoink.

Except I’m predicting there will not be a lot of laughing. (and of course, since you’re in NY, you’ll be waiting ON the line versus the West Coast which waits IN line … something to discuss on-in line).

Thanks for the heads up, “Kevin NASCARBronco.”

Tix to NYCC info here.

What a shock – more plastic pink hoverboards (that’s really just a pink plastic hunk of plastic – does not actually hover) STILL AVAILABLE!

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6 October 2013 Mattel 7 Comments


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