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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: German Promo CAR Upgrade!

The German Mail-away promo offer didn’t look too terribly interesting – Send in 4 UPC’s for what looked like White Walls Lightning McQueen …

whitewalls McQ promo

But it looks like they didn’t really have a photo of the final promo … it’s actually METALLIC Lightning McQueen with Bumper Stickers.


(“Mit Aufklebern” that’s German for “With Sticker.”)

Lightning McQueen with Bumper Stickers was the first CHASE CAR ever released in the US but never with Metallic Paint so NEW VARIANT!


This Metallic Paint Lightning McQueen with Bumper Stickers is not shown on the poster as a 2013 release BUT this may be the Metallic Lightning McQueen available in the Kmart CARS Event Day Case coming in October. Besides Rip Clutchgoneski (presumably available in Silver Metallic), the other listing was for a Metallic Lightning McQueen – the best guess was it was a metallic Hudson Hornet Piston Cup Winner Lightning but this actually makes more sense as a silver Metallic HH PC McQueen didn’t really fit in any series of releases of “WGP Racers” (as we already got the regular Silver Metallic WGP LM). But we don’t know for certain just yet.

McQueen Cardback

Thanks for the great photos, “Dodger!”

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