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Mattel Disney PLANES & CARS: Toys R Us Air Mater 3-Pack & Buy One 50% Sale

TRU is having a nice sale through Saturday – buy one CARS or PLANES item and get 50% off the second item … it doesn’t have to be the the same type … you get 50% off the cheaper item so you can buy a 2-pack and a single or a track set and a carrying case and you can mix & match PLANES & CARS.


TRU does tend to price a little higher but at 50% off the 2nd item makes most of all of a good deal in any case.

TRU pegs

Of course, it all depends on what’s in stock. “Mariela P.” found this in her store – something unexpected, a new Air Mater 3-pack. These have all been released as singles in the CARS Take Flight series

air mater 3-pack

So, if you missed them the first go around. I presume the eyes are in the same position. There is the possibility that Air Mater is a variant. There were photos of some Air Mater’s with dark visors (so you could barely see his eyes). Lightning McQueen Hawk’s visor all seem to be of the darker variety so he appears to be the same. The Air Mater I have from the singles has a light color visor so if the Air Mater in this pack matches the back photo – variant!

air mater 3 back

Thanks, “Mariela P!”

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  • John says:

    Just glad they didn’t think to package these with Falcon Hawk 2 or 3.

  • carslover says:

    looks like they had a lot of extra mater hawk and McQueen hawks to get rid of

  • slokum says:

    Typical TRU scam, they do it all the time with Lego sales

  • robomedic13 says:

    I believe those micro drifters should be in the $5.99 range. Nice pickup danrio

  • danrio says:

    I checked the pricing at our local TRU and their price on one of the Pit Crew Gift Packs was $13.99; get the second one at half price ($6.98) and you’re up to $20.97. I noticed the shelf marker in the picture above was $15.99. Buy 2 at the regular price at our local Target ($10.98 or 2fer $21.96), and you can save 99 cents (before taxes) by “taking advantage of” the TRU sale, but I wouldn’t go too far out of my way to do so.

    In fairness, I did not make such comparisons on other Cars or Planes items, but caveat emptor would be good advice.

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