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Mattel Monster High Webarella: Post SDCC Sales

Well, in theory, there might be Monster High Webarella dolls left to sell on sale August 5, 2013 at MattyCollector.com.


That is when post SDCC sales occur for any items left over.

While Webarella was obviously a huge seller at the show, Mattel can never keep track of every case at the show – some get shuffled to the back or it never arrived and there are leftover from people who pre-ordered but forgot to pick it up or could not make it to SD.

So, it might be dozens or a few hundred left over – it all depends on fast you can get in and place your order. Keep in mind that just because it’s in your cart does not mean you can check out with it so do not take your time. So, if you do not regularly place orders with Matty, you might want to be sure your credit card is ON FILE so you do not have to waste time typing in your credit card number because those 18-seconds might mean your cart is being “pilfored” by another faster account or faster browser.

It probably wouldn’t hurt to find the fastest internet connection on the fastest computer and open a browser window from many a browser – and click away. Good freakin’ luck. Be sure and check back when it starts, it’s generally between 10:00 AM to noon PACIFIC US TIME but be sure and double check.

BTW, about 362 days until Comic Con 2014.


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25 July 2013 Mattel 12 Comments


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