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TakeFiveADay: New Advertiser – Pixar CARS Price Guide.com

People have long asked for a price guide – Ken & Kenny of PixarCARSPriceGuide.com has finally put one together and we welcome them as new advertisers!

Here are some sample pages and an explanation …


As avid collectors of Pixar Cars from the Desert series to present, we were frustrated to keep up with the changing values of our collection. Since we were unable to find an up to date price guide, we decided to create one for our own use and for other collectors too. To come up with an accurate price/value of each car, we take note of what each Pixar Car sells for on ebay, Amazon, and several other sites that sell Mattel diecast Pixar Cars. We then determine a fair price range and a average sale/value price. We continually check the retailer’s sites to see if there is movement in each car’s price/value. Hopefully, this information will be helpful to both collectors and to sellers. As new cars, multi-packs, and series are released, we will add them to the guide. There is a one time cost of $15.00. Take5aDay members will receive a $3.00 discount.
To order, send $12 by paypal to tmccann348@aol.com. Then email us at the same address and we will email you back with your own password so you can access the member’s area where the price guide and checklist are found.
You can visit http://pixarcarspriceguide.com to learn more.
Thank you,
Ken and Kenny
So, you can check out the website HERE or email them with any questions. Thanks, congrats, enjoy and good luck!

Pricing sample


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  • ksammut says:

    This weeks featured Pixar Car of the Week is DJ:


    Take a look.

    Thank you,

    Ken and Kenny

  • ksammut says:

    Hi Everyone,

    We have received several emails asking how to receive the $3.00 Take 5 discount. After reviewing our price guide and checklist site go directly to paypal and send $12 to tmccann348@aol.com. If you try to purchase directly from the site, you will be paying the normal $15 price.

    When you send the $12, you can add the email address in the comments section of your paypal payment or send us an email so we know where to send your individual password. You can find our email address at the top left of the website: http://pixarcarspriceguide.com

    Thank you,

    Ken and Kenny

  • crazy4cars says:

    No offense, but many of your item values are extremely off.

    El Materdor only worth $67.00???

    I’d gladly pay that, since all of them you can find for sale are well north of $200.

    The same goes for your Bubba and other Story Teller prices and lots of Desert Backs (which do not reflect how many cars on back of package or other variations such as with Fillmore etc.)…

    I just think that if us cars collectors were to value and sell our more rare items, at the value you are assigning them, we would be at a great and foolish loss!

    Just my 2 cents here…

    • ksammut says:

      Thanks for pointing out the incorrect price on El Materdor. I just checked our notes and the range is $275 to $325 (not unusual to have such a large range on the hard to find cars). We have El Materdor valued at $300. The $67 noted was meant for the El Materdor (and Chuy) playset.

      No offense taken. We want to hear from our members when a price does not seem correct. It takes us at least 10 to 15 minutes to determine a value for each of the 1000 plus cars we have noted in the guide/checklist. We visit a number of retailer sites and ebay. There is always a possibility for a typo or error.

      Please send us an email when you have uncovered a possible error. We want the guide to be as accurate as possible.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Collector Price Guides tend to be more specific than the example shows. For instance, Filmore/Fillmore needs to be broken down further to include all the spelling changes, 12-back / 16-back, and April 1 / April 29 variations.

    • DragsterMater says:

      Totally agree. Cars collectors are a picky bunch, and unless pricing guide covers all existing variants, its not really worth it. We all know approximate prices anyway. Pricing guide that is worth subscribing to, and pay for, should have large, high quality pictures of each car with and without packages, information about release dates, etc, EACH known variant of the said car, and pricing for each variant.

      • ksammut says:

        Thank you for your comment. There are several great pictorial checklists for sale but none to our knowledge stay up with values. Until we began working on the price guide, I would have agreed with you that the avid collector knows the value of each of their cars.

        The change of value for a number of the more sought after cars changes dramatically and frequently. Additionally, a new hot car with a increasing higher value could drop dramatically in price as new inventory is received by retailers. We do not want our members to overpay. Even lesser sought after cars values change fairly often.

        As we have over a thousand individual and multi-pack cars available, you will have a hard time finding up to date values all in one place. There have been annual price guides but they are out of date by the time they are published.

        We set the price at $15 ($12.00 for Take5 members) to be affordable while giving collectors a one-stop site to stay up with current values.

    • ksammut says:

      Thanks so much for your feedback. You are correct regarding the different variations however, the goal of our guide is to give members an up to date accurate value of the majority of Pixar Cars made. This is done by looking at recent sales as well as the prices retailers are asking for a particular car.

      When you have a variation that sells very infrequently or is not marked as a variation due to the owner/retailer not knowing it is a variation by date and does not state it in the selling description, you do not have enough statistical information to determine a true value. You would be guessing at the price.

      Our goal was to create a convenient site for avid collectors to visit and find up to date values for at least 95% of all the Mattel Pixar cars made. We will soon be adding the Disney store cars too.

      With that said, we may add these variations to our checklist without giving a value. This will alert our members to the variations so they can look for them if they have an interest.

      All members are encouraged to send in variations or cars that are not noted on the price guide/checklist. Presently we have well over 1000 Pixar cars listed with values. As it is our goal to have a complete a list as possible, we definitely would appreciate feedback.

      Thank you,

      Ken and Kenny

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