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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Kmart Deluxe Case – Essentially One & Out …

Since it didn’t look promising at my closest Kmart, I asked Kmart if there were going to be more shipments through August and the answer is this on the oversized Deluxe case of Francesco Fan Mater, Materhosen and the others …

“Each store gets at least one casepack, some stores in larger areas might receive more and depending on what is left in DC stock the stores could receive another casepack.  This was sold to us very tightly by Mattel – 12,000 total units in a casepack of 6 so 2,000 total casepacks – with 1,200 stores we are limited 1 casepack per store minimum, maybe 2 casepacks in larger stores.

This mix right now was a one and done for us.  I do not know if Mattel plans to bring these cars out again in other mixes throughout the year, my best guess would be yes but I do not know definitively if that will be the case.”

Since Kmart has about 1,200 stores left, some might get 3 cases, others zero but it obviously not quite average 2 cases per store. In other words, Kmart will get 2,000 Francesco Fan Mater’s and 4,000 Materhosen TOTAL.

2,000 and even 4,000 are extremely low runs – SUPER CHASE like quantities – much lower than even a typical oversized Deluxe run so this does look like a “first to market” case for Kmart but not an exclusive as not even the cards are sniped. So, more should be coming to other retailers or resellers later – when is hard to say.

NOTE – the promotion encompasses all Mattel Disney-Pixar CARS products* so you don’t need to buy Deluxe CARS only but of course, it’s probably the best scenario for most collectors as those two are new-new.

* If anyone is calling Mattel’s customer service number, they might ask about Fisher-Price, since Mattel owns FP, all toddler CARS products from FP should be included …

You can read more details of the promotion in this post.

Kmart GWP Cars 2013 (FINAL)

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  • Tom says:

    My Kmart had 2 Dustins and 2 Macks on the pegs, but no Elvis or Maters.
    Right then the clerk rolled up with a fresh case for me, scizzore!

    I wonder if the Dustins and Macks were from the previous deluxe case or if 2 cases had already been shelved before my arrival and the Elvii and Maters were already snagged.

    Only the lurker knows for sure..

  • NeilJam says:

    Missed the Maters at my local KMart, but at least I got Dustin Mellows and Elvis RV. Mack was still there too.

  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    I’ve been stopping regularly at the three K-Marts in the greater Tacoma (WA) area to buy for a collector on this site. Each of the stores received one case each. I was able to pickup one Materhosen-period. After getting hosed down with excess inventory and low attendance at the K-Mart events, now K-Mart has gone in the other direction. Usually the toy aisle is bare. Can’t spend the $$$ in my pocket, when there is nothing to buy. I suspect this will be a month long event of nothing.

  • Wraukn says:

    Kmart by me had its 3rd restock. And it’s only been a week.

  • MoMcQueen says:

    I have now successfully acquired one certain Francesco Fan Mater. The dust has settled and the euphoria has begun to wane as I realize it took me two 12-hour days of searching AND I drove 1,032 km to get it. Literally. That’s like 642 miles.  I think I might be insane. 

    (MET: Thanks for helping the economy! 🙂 ).

  • Mike Manifold says:

    Aggravating! This is exactly why the Manifold family will purchase zero Planes.
    Cheers to those who’ve had luck, however – way to go!

  • cac1959 says:

    I’ve now been to 9 Kmart stores… only 1 of the 9 has gotten any of the new Deluxe Cars in and the only one left both times has been Mack… only 3 of the 9 have even had pegs for Deluxe Cars.

    Had I bought a Finn/Leland and a Sal/Mater Movie Moments along with a single I could have had enough for a mail in Ivan… but only at one of the 9 stores…

    • John in Missouri says:

      Make sure you scan those before you go pay — at least at my store, 2-packs are $8.09 each and singles are $3.59. Your total before tax would have been $19.77.

  • John says:

    Six trips to the same Kmart in a week. Sales Associates and Customer Service know nothing. They tell us there’s a box on the next truck and to come at a particular time, no box. By the next day only the Mack is left on the pegs. They appear to have restocked three times in a week and a half.

  • Lightyear says:

    Only one case has been put out at my Kmart so far. Thankfully, I was the one who found it.

  • bd says:

    the question to all this: Why? Doesn’t Mattel want to make $.


  • John in Missouri says:

    My Kmart restocked this case last night, but a Kmart I stopped at in St. Louis this weekend didn’t have pegs for Deluxe, and the two Finn’s in the Clearance area were marked down to $4.00. So I can see some Kmart’s getting 3 cases if they can successfully turn and earn.

    • cateyez15 says:

      Welcome to my neck of the woods. To which Kmart did you go?

      • John in Missouri says:

        The one just off 270 & West Florissant. My in-laws had no electricity for a few days after that storm, and the power company was using the far West part of Kmart’s parking lot as a staging area. There were at least 40 trucks parked over there; I wanted to go over there and tell them to get moving already!

        (MET: Hope you’re all doing okay there … I guess it seems weird that the Mississipi river isn’t drained by agriculture by the time it gets to St. Louis but I guess not).

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