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Disney Star Wars CARS: Photos & Reviews – Rebel Alliance

Thanks “John H.” for the nice photos and reviews.

You can read the post covering Darth Mater & Stormtrooper Tractor HERE.


These are all essentially 1:55 in scale – though not from Mattel, they are also not particularly canon but they are now part of the CARS Expanded Universe.


Sally/Princess Leia has the cool 1138 license plate, an allusion to George Lucas’ first feature THX-1138.


As you can see, the scale is all over the board. My feeling is the process went like this – the Disney Theme Park group sketched out what the Star Wars CARS should look like and sent them off to the sculptors along with some Mattel 1:55 diecasts and said the prototypes should be this size.

In the case of Sally, they decided to go 1:64 scale because a) this plant probably had a 1:64 diecast mold already and b) they were confused by the sculpt of Sally which has always been a little too wide … the Porsche 911 is one auto they actually recognized. 🙂


So, while the other releases are pretty much 1:55 – Sally is 1:64 … slim line …

Sally_front Sally_bottom

For C3PO/Luigi and R2-D2 Guido, they went back to Mattel’s 1:55 size. BTW, “John H.” guesses that C-3PO Luigi’s wires are either painted and sealed or probably a high res photo and then sealed.


The C3PO eyes are a nice touch. Great expression!


Guido-&-Luigi_back Guido-&-Luigi_bottom

And unlike the Disney Store CARS – riveted and not with a base screw.

Luke Skywalker Lightning McQueen – also the Mattel 1:55 size as its base sculpt target,  LMcQ_side LMcQ_side-saber

Unlike Darth Mater with lots of Mattel like plastic, Luke Lightning is mostly diecast – his helmet is part of the body diecast metal – the visor is plastic as is his lightsaber but otherwise, heavy.

LMcQ_front LMcQ_bottom LMcQ_back

Same with Fillmore-Yoda – 1:55 scale/size.

Yoda Fillmore top Yoda Fillmore baseHis ears are heavy vinyl/plastic … probably as a safety feature …

Yoda Fillmore front Yoda Fillmore side

So, bottom line, they might call them 1:43 as they did in their presentation but in reality – 1:55 in scale/size. At this size and with mostly diecast metal and a limited distribution plan* – they could get away with $9.95 pricing and surprise, clever enough to realize that CARS collectors would be more inclined to purchase these in the same scale as the Mattel ones. It’s like they know what they are doing. 🙂

*I do not believe the release numbers will be limited, just the distribution portion – only available inside the parks for now. Available at the 1-877-560-6477 for phone orders in a few weeks and available at the “outside the park” stores by mid-Summer – and presumably never available at the Disney Store online as some Parks merchandise is.

These should be available at D23 Expo and it would not surprise me if there was a special D23 Expo release.

So, what other CARS characters should be Star Wars CARS?

Thanks for the great photos, “John H.” and info.

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  • D J says:

    1:43 scale!? It’s a trap!

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    McQueen as Han Solo
    Mack as Chewie
    Sally as leia
    Mater as Luke
    Ramone as lando
    Doc as obi-wan
    Luigi & guido as droids
    Bubba as Vader
    Miles axelrod as emperor
    Professor z as grand moff Tarkin
    Sarge as admiral Akbar
    Chick hicks as boba fett
    Stanley as yoda

    For D23 they can make my avatar – Lightning McQueen millennium falcon.

  • I-LUV-CARS says:

    Where do you get these? They are really cool! Are they going to be coming to stores? Does anyone have any for sale?

  • Tom says:

    I think Darrell Cartrip would be a better Jar-Jar…
    The real Waltrip and Binks have a lot in common.
    Like Qui Gon said, “Just because you speak, it doesn’t mean you’re intelligent.”

    (MET: 😆 ).

  • Tom says:

    R2-D2 Guido looks a little spaced out.

  • BMW says:

    Just wanted to say thank you to Jeff for helping so many of us get these.

  • NascarFan says:

    At least they are not Angry Birds Star Wars Cars…

    Hasbro introduced Angry Birds Starwars sets for SDCC 2013. How weird.

    Although these Starwars cars look nice… I will pass. I will more than likely sell off the collection I have as it is.

  • Enzo says:

    “So, what other CARS characters should be Star Wars CARS?”

    Miles Axelrod as Chancellor Palpatine/Emperor
    Doc Hudson as Obi-Wan Kenobi

    • John in Missouri says:

      Here would be my full cast:

      Tractors as Stormtroopers
      Frank as Darth Vader
      Sally as Princess Leia
      Lightning McQueen as Luke Skywalker
      Rod Torque Redline as Uncle
      Rusteze Pittys as Jawas
      Luigi as C3PO
      Guido as R2D2
      Doc Hudson as Obi-Wan Kenobi
      Flo as Cantina Owner
      Barry Diesel as Han Solo
      Red as Chewbacca
      Chick Hicks as Greedo
      Fillmore, Sarge, and Ramone as the other Rebel Fighters
      The King as Yoda
      Stanley as Lando Calrissian
      Lizzie as Mrs. Calrissian
      Bubba as Jabba the Hut
      Mater as Jar Jar Binks

      • Matersgrlfriend says:

        John in Mo, I love the idea of Bubba as Jabba and Doc as Obi Wan! Perfect!

        I actually think McQueen should have been Han and Mater Chewy and Chick Hicks Darth Vader. But I know Darth Mater was hard for them to pass up.

      • Teekay4to1 says:

        My cast:
        Sarge as Yoda
        Ramone as Lando
        Fillmore as Chewbacca
        Finn McMissille as Han
        Doc as Obi-Wan
        Yeti as Boba Fett

        • D J says:

          Uncle and Mama Topolino as Luke’s Aunt and Uncle
          Elvis RV ad Darth Vader
          Rod Redline as Han Solo
          Sven Hummer as Chewie
          Brent as Lando
          Paddy o Concrete or Frankenwagon as Jabba
          Lemons as Clones
          Tractors as Stormtroopers
          Francesco as General Grievous
          Frank as Darth Maul
          Sally as Leia
          Holley as Padme
          Ferraris and Maseratis as Background characters (Cantina, etc..)
          Mike Car from Monsters as Yoda
          Cars like Mary Esgocar and Daniela Muffler as Cantina workers
          Uncle Toploino’s band or the band from Mater P.I as the Cantina band
          Pittys as Jawas
          Doc as Obi Wan
          Screaming Banshee as the Rancor
          Ligtning as Luke
          3po/r2 as Luigi/Guido
          Yeti as the Wampa
          Tuners (DRH) as ???
          Planes movie characters as the X-wing and other SW ships

  • cac1959 says:

    Many thanks for the great review and photos… I received a set on Thursday… waiting to get a second set before I open.

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