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Disney Star Wars CARS: Photos & Reviews – Death Star Citizens

Thanks “John H.” for the nice photos and reviews.

As you know, Disney theme Parks has released a series of Pixar CARS characters as Star Wars characters or would that be CARacters?


They are not particularly canon and in theory, they are supposed to be 1:43 scale, the reality is they are closer to 1:55. The actual scale of each CAR actually seems to vary between 1:55 & 1:64. Unlike the Disney Stores line which cannot go smaller than the 1:43 scale, the Theme Park Star Wars CARS have a much more limited distribution and as the licensor, they are free to do what they like.

“Darth Mater” or as it’s technically known, Mater as Darth Vader is obviously the most sought after one.


As you can see, he’s essentially 1:55 in scale and much smaller than the Disney Store releases. Yes, it seems strange that the Disney Theme Parks merchandise group would not just use the Disney Store’s diecast mold but I think they figured that after all is said and done in trying to add on all the pieces, they might as well just do a new mold AND the Disney Store diecasts are rock solid metal throughout, in addition to design costs, they probably figured it would be huge in size and weight, along with shipping costs, it would be cheaper to do their own – and of course, easier just to start from scratch. In fact, the plastic portion of Darth Vader makes it seem like it’s a Mattel release.


The cape is obviously vinyl-like soft plastic – but like a Mattel release, the bed, tow package, light saber and helmet are plastic.

Mater_side_02  Mater_bottom

The base of Darth Mater does not match the design of the “normal” Disney Store Mater base (besides the size difference). While they may have used the same plant as Mattel, they did NOT use the exact same molds. Obviously if they used Mattel’s molds or licensed them (as they did with Goofy Mater, Pirate Mater last year), that adds to their cost and they have to wait until Mattel’s molds are idle – it is simpler to make your own molds – whether they did it at the same plants Mattel uses is impossible to say.


But the Tractors (as Stormtroopers) make it seem like they may have used the same plant/s as they seem to the exact same size as the Mattel ones – 1:55 in scale. So, while they are different in many ways a new mold, they are essentially the same size.


Of course, they may have simply designed what they should look like, handed the sculptors a Mattel Mater & Tractor and said it should be this size/scale. So, it may have been produced at a plant Mattel does not use but clearly, the Disney Theme Park Group liked the 1:55 size. Large enough to charge $9.95 for each but not too large like the Disney Store ones with extra metal.


Thanks for the great photos, “John H.” The rest of the line tomorrow.

As for ordering or purchasing, as of right now, only INSIDE the Theme Parks (Orlando & Anaheim). Phone ordering will probably start up again next month and eventually be available at the stores just outside the Parks … probably their license prevents them from being available at the Disney store online.

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31 May 2013 Disney Pixar CARS 3, star wars 7 Comments


  • 5oclockshadow says:

    The paint job on these sure look like they came out of a Mattel factory.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Am I alone in my disdain for these things?

    • cac1959 says:

      John, while you and I are usually in agreement on Cars, I do like these a lot… got a set in the mail yesterday, and I’m hoping to get another set in the future so I can have one to open as well as a few extra Tractors.

      • John in Missouri says:

        I’m pretty much dedicated to anything Mattel 1:55 — including most things non-canon to the original Cars movie (Toons, Story Tellers, etc.) — but I just don’t get the whole Star Wars tie-in. Maybe if these were made by Mattel as Super Ultimate Chase Cars I could stomach them, but if they make people happy, I guess I cannot complain.

        • carcollector6 says:

          Nope, you’re not alone.

        • slicepie says:

          If I am correct, I believe that Disney now owns the Star Wars franchise. What they should’ve done was use a play on words to combine both franchise names; like Cars + Star Wars = Car Wars — or something like that. I think that would have enticed even more collectors.

    • Lightyear says:

      I love em! But I’m also a big Star Wars fan.

      Cody and the rest of the Disney Parks merchandise team (responsible for designing the toys that get sold in the Disney Theme Parks) are also big Star Wars fans. They regularly appear at the Star Wars conventions called Celebrations and show what new product will be coming out. They’ve done a whole series of Disney gang mashup figures (Darth Goofy, Jedi Mickey, etc.) as well as Muppet/Star Wars figures. At the last Celebration, they announced these and took the next logical step…what if Cars and Star Wars were combined. So it really makes sense and is pretty neat. Now if they start doing Marvel/Cars mashups maybe I’ll complain. I’m a DC guy.

      Now I just have to get a set. I’ve been waiting for these since they announced it at Celebration 6. Hopefully there will be some left.

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