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Amazon Gold Box 1-Day Sale: Indiana Jones Blu Ray & Herman Miller Aeron

Today’s Amazon Gold Box deals include the Indiana Jones: Complete Adventures Blu Ray set


Most Gold Box deals last only until the end of day or sooner … Also the top-of-the-line Herman Miller Aeron office chair to enjoy your films. 🙂aeorn

 TIZMANIAN UPDATE: Actually, that is how Tizmanian rolls in his home office!

Tizmanian's helm in T5 East HQ...

Tizmanian’s helm in T5 East HQ…

A note to Metroxing’s comment below:  I scored this baby via Craigslist for $350.  I looked for a long time and many were for $400 but I held out for the big deal.  Classic luck meets timing meets desire to follow thru on the hunt.  Came with the box and manuals…be forewarned that there are three different types of Aeron’s to accomodate different sized peeps.  The waterfall as they call it fits just under your thighs and this chair caused some literal pain for weeks after first using it…it was a big turn off but my body apparently got used to it finally.

I felt like Homer “Listen brain. I hate you and you hate me. Stop sending signals to my legs that they hurt and I will stop killing you with beer…much”.

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