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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Another “Frosty” Super Chase? New German Mail Away?

Of course, most collectors remember the last Australia only Super Chase, Frosty … you can read a mini recap here.

So Australia, get ready for “Frosty 2.0”?

There is a new listing for a FROSTY 2.0 – UPC 7-46775-36274-4.

The last one was wildly successful – it launched at least 4 promotional events in Australia and Target Stores (AUS) pretty much sold out of their @3,000 allotment in a few hours (if not sold out of the backroom days before the actual event).

So the listing is pretty much the only info on this. I’m going to presume it’s limited and it might be another Super Chase – limited to @4,000 produced but it might just be a “less” limited item (regular CHASE or just promo) with a higher production run versus a minimum production run of 4k.

It’s probably safe to say it’s Australia only again.

And since this design cannot be repeated, it will be different, maybe closer to Mark Winterbottom’s (the race car driver) actual real race car?

I’ve heard Australia’s a friendly bunch so will someone go up to house and ask him what’s up and ask for a photo of the prototype he signed off on. 🙂

There is also a new mail away for Germany … I’m going on this clue.


Based on my skills as an investigator, I believe this will be a Lightning McQueen Silver Metallic Promo available to people living in Germany. I know, I’m practically Sherlock Holmes 2.0 …

This was the promo Metallic Silver for Germany last year (the first ever CARS mail away on card) courtesy of Dolly P.

Since this one (aka: CARS 2 WGP Lightning McQueen) is now part of the regular Silver Series lineup (available in Europe), presumably the new promo is the Piston Cup Hudson Hornet Lightning McQueen version coming to the US this Fall.

The UPC of the next promo is obviously different from last year’s UPC and different from the regular Silver Series Europe UPC.

More info to come.

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  • SCAVENGER says:

    A member of PCD has posted a picture of a silver Frosty…lets hope these make it around the world and not just Australia.

  • Zen Master Pitty says:

    The silver series LMcQ available in Europe on the 2013 card is Hudson Hornet PC Lightning McQueen.

  • OzzieMum says:

    This is exciting news & I can’t wait to find out further info on this. Last year Frosty personally copped alot of flack because so many Australian kids missed out on obtaining one so one would think this time around it would be more widely distributed. Recently I’ve noticed more & more cars merchandise containing Frosty on it over here which is awesome! Thanks for sharing the wonderful news Met!! Whether its silver series or they’ve finally fixed The Australian map on the side of the car, I’ll definitely be trying to add one of these to our collection =)

    • MackDaddy says:

      …finally fixed The Australian map on the side of the car? Hey Met, did I miss a post on this subject or is this new info from OzzieMum? What is incorrect about the map Mum? 😕

      • MoMcQueen says:

        It looks to me like the map is a reverse image of what it should be. Not upside down but mirrored side-to-side. (If so, that’s kind of a kick to the pants, eh? A messed-up map of Australia on a car meant to be a tribute to same.)

        • OzzieMum says:

          That’s right. It’s a reverse image of the Map. Perhaps it was done like that intentionally so they old release a Frosty 2.0.

          • aussieboys says:

            Hey Ozziemum ,

            No events in Bne last time , cannot find any retailer than knows about this possible one.

            • OzzieMum says:

              Aussieboys – not sure either this time but maybe later in the year closer to Gold Coast 600 or Sydney 500 like last year? Heard that there was a “Frosty Zone” at the Tasmania event this year. I’m sure we’ll find out soon, I’d imagine it will be a Target special again given his affiliation…

  • elixirdream says:

    I seen prototype of it and i believe it could be the Silver Series Frosty

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