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T5 Reader “Bumper Save” When Not Collecting CARS Made a Movie …

“Hello everyone!

I would like to promote an original movie that my sister and I wrote last year and filmed over the summer. Albeit we are just teenagers, the acting and cinematography is not the best around, but we were blessed with wonderful friends, family, and neighbors who collaborated to star in and help to make this dream come true. My sister 12 y.o. sister Emma came up with the general plot, and together we wrote a full script that eventually became a 70-minute production. 

If you get the chance, I’m sure you and your family will definitely enjoy the adventure of “Him, Her, and Her and the Teterro Crown”! Here’s the synopsis from the Youtube page:

Vienna DiVincio (Emma Gogol) has her world turned upside down when a suspicious new family moves into the neighborhood. She befriends Ivan Constiano (Liam Baxter), but it is soon discovered that Ivan’s evil family is out to get Vienna’s best friend Ashley Fedren (Maria Fehr)! Ivan sees his family’s wrongdoing and joins Vienna’s side, and with the help of their whimsical friend Aaron O’Brien (Andrew Specht) and a questionable ally, Nathan Polo (Conor Lutts), the team must work to take down the Constiano clan (George Spelvin, Andrea Metz, and Morgan McGrail) before it’s too late!

You may even find yours truly attempting to act somewhere in there…. also we have a sequel in the works to be filmed this summer!
Thanks for watching!”

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18 May 2013 Internet 3 Comments


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