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Disney Infinity: Disney Pixar CARS Game Pieces

The Disney Infinity video game “world” is now coming in August … with 4 “worlds” – Pirates of the Caribbean, Incredibles, CARS & Monsters University.

Without going into huge detail, you are a character that interacts in that world (obviously Jack Sparrow will be doing sword fighting while collecting gold pieces while Sulley of Monsters Inc is a more kid’s oriented play – not much fighting, more puzzles and wacky fun). The 3D game piece allows you to store your character attributes … if you played Skylanders, that is the same – but of course, the game play and a piece that reps you is not a new concept – it’s just now that technology allows a lot more storage and interactivity. One reason to collect more Skylander pieces/characters is that each have their own unique abilities so sometimes you’ll need to switch to get through a level but I’m not sure if it’s the same gameplay if you have to switch between Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones? But I think that’s where the tokens come into play …

Here are the CARS game pieces … looks cute …

game lightning

Lightning McQueen (you know, in case you just woke from a coma).

game mater

Mater (in case you were conked on the head between the last scroll).game holley

Funny, no Finn … he may be a character in the game but as of now, you cannot be “Finn.”Game francesco


CARS base

What Holley and Lightning look like on the game pad base/reader.

This seems like a good deal at Target this week. For $1, you can reserve a game and save $10 when it’s released PLUS get a character game piece FREE (I have not seen the disclaimer to this deal so check it out at Target to be certain).

Pricing is:

Starter Pack $74.99: Game, three figures, Infinity Base, Play-set token for three adventures (Monsters University, Pirates and The Incredibles) and upgrade token.

Expansion Pack $34.99: Two figures and a Play-set token for CARS.

Character & Coin Pack $17.98: One figure + 2 Play-set tokens.

Figures $12.99: One figure.

Power-discs $4.99: Two tokens in each blind foil pack.

You can see more photos at Amazon for the individual figures (sold separately)

 Mr. Incredible mike_sulley_base.NA-M

Screenshots coming later!

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  • bubba101212 says:

    Pre-ordered mine a month ago at TRU for $1 deposit and you get a free charachter. I had Skylanders and liked playing it alot. I’m sure Disney has brought thier A game with this!

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