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Disney Pixar CARS: Disney Store CHASE Acrylic Box Singles New & On Sale

The latest acrylic box singles – all the “CHASE” & regular releases are now available online and on sale if you buy in round numbers.

You can go to the main CARS page at the Disney Store HERE.



Low-N-Slow Lightning McQueen

low Slow LM

Sheriff with a Matte Black Paint Finish


& surprisingly not a CHASE Fabrizio.


Thanks for the heads up, “ikj007.”

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  • NascarFan says:

    My Disney Stores call me… they know we are collectors and have friends overseas who take what they need.

    if anyone wants the Disney store yellow John Lassitire truck in the clear case I have a few extra, costs plus shipping, prefer non paypal transaction.


  • ikj007 says:

    Hey Guys

    Glad I could help with the heads up. Because we dont have a Disney Store here in Aus I rely on the DS online store all the time. I will be wrapped if they do actually release a Frosty, fingers crossed!!!

  • Cars4AandR says:

    I have to wait for them to show up on-line….nearest DS is 8-10 hours away!

    Got the New Ramone from e-bay 2-3 weeks ago.

    Does anyone know when the other Super Chase Cars are to be released by DS?…Frosty, Vitaly Petrov?

    MOST IMPORTANTLY: Has anyone heard of a Super Chase (DS or Mattel) for Fernando Alonzo?

    I have seen a “Custom” on e-bay.


  • hypercarrots says:

    Die Cast Cars $6 each when you buy 2 or more

    Buy 2 or More pricing only applies when you purchase a minimum of 2 eligible promotional items.

    round numbers?

  • Dunroamin says:

    I walked into the store and found all these ont the shelf, before the release date…they don’t seem to be cracking down on anything and there were plenty to go around…

    • Unixed says:

      I wish I lived where you do. The word I got over in Southern California is that the district manager is cracking down hard. It must be a regional crackdown, 😉

      (MET: i told you not to shop in your eBay logo mascot costume … 😆 ).

      • Dunroamin says:

        last time i checked there were plenty on eBay that weren’t selling…even some at 99 cents with zero bids…maybe the word hasn’t gotten out yet…

        The DS gets new stuff regularly..they are consistant with the rest of the country…I haven’t seen anything but case A from mattel in my neck of the woods…my WMs still have Francescos and Finns every where…so I’ll take southern california and its weather anyday..! 🙂

      • Dunroamin says:

        low-n-slow Lightning is quite nice in person…

      • Unixed says:

        Hey Met,

        FYI, I have never sold anything off of eBay in my life. I only purchase two of each new model. One for my collection and one for my child to play with. I have made many purchases off of eBay, but I have never sold anything to date.

        If you do not believe me, check out my eBay account (Unixed).

        (MET: That was a joke because I know you are only collecting for yourself but sometimes stores think superfans are essentially walking around with an eBay outfit on … ).

  • D J says:

    HEADS UP: There is also a new CHASE Hydraulic Ramone! (Cars 1 Red version)

  • D J says:

    Nice cards. Especially the Flash and Fabrizio ones. How can he go from Chase to regular? The Sheriff sounds cool.

  • John says:

    Picked up Chase Sheriff this morning. Had to ask as it had not been put out in the show room yet.

    • Unixed says:

      I got word from my neck of the woods that DS is starting to crack down on early releases and eBayers. My local DS stated that they are only allowed to sell 5 of any type to any single customer. My store is so paranoid of selling things early that I have to tell them that a model is now ok to sell because he is online. It is crazy. Apparently they are not able to sell them early, but the memo’s that tell them when they are to be released are not being disseminated to the store level. This is in turn causing confusion and frustration for collector’s like myself.

      DS, please get your act together!

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