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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2: New Target Race Day – Alloy Hemberger Fan

The latest Target-only Race Day Fan 4-pack is out.

target 4

This is the last of 4 listings for these Race Day Fan 4-CAR Gift Packs. While they have not shown up in great quantity in each store, they seem to have sold well … despite the fact that there is only 1 new CAR in each 4-pack – though since it is harder to find most racers as singles and there are no other box sets at WM or TRU, it’s a nice looking set for those just starting out also. These should all be the upgraded unibody racers – Max Schnell and Miguel look much nicer in the unibody-no segmented face-no giant crease look – Nigel doesn’t make much of a difference frankly as he has a natural design seam along the front anyway so while it’s nice to get an upgrade to an all-metal diecast also, it’s not as major of an upgrade.

box back

As noted, this is the last of 4 listings for the Race Day Fan 4-packs (they were just generically listed as #1, #2, etc …) but again, since these have sold well, it would not be surprisingly to have more added to the list though we may just get these re-released through summer until the Fall when the next batch might start hitting the shelves. There is a new 7-pack listed but there’s no real information, it simply reads Target 7-pack.

As for Alloy Hamberger, he actually looks quite nice. Very sparkly. Or glitter … or too glitter eyeshadow. 🙂

alloy hemberger

Very aptly named – Alloy – as he’s most likely zinc, alumnium and copper for his diecast metal body.

And as a fan of Max Schnell, Hemberger is a surname from the town of Hemberg or Hembergen.

Thanks for the great photos, “Mariela P!”


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