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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Finn Again, So Look Closely

Finn McMissile in CASE F was supposed to be upgraded to a unibody Finn McMissile … but maybe not?

Finn 2013

While Finn in the London Rescue box set was upgraded and Security Finn was upgraded in CASE D to a unibody, is this the norm or a variant?

Yes, I know you’re wonder how EVER did the factory find a segmented 2-piece Finn McMissile – what are the odds!?

Finn 2 CU

So, variant of a variant (less, it’s definitely a negative!) or the norm for CASE F?

(I’m still waiting on my case so I cannot say – what say you?)

Thanks for the nice pics and eagle-eye, “John H.”

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