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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Rip Clutchgoneski, More Coming

Don’t panic about Rip Clutchgoneski if you have not gotten one yet, he is NOT a CHASE CAR and more are scheduled in other cases down the line …


But like the Tuners of CARS 1, he will probably always be a popular release so he probably won’t ever hang around long on the pegs but he should be in the regular rotation from here on out and appear every so often – and as long as retailers order plenty of cases, he will be easier to find or he won’t fetch as much of a premium.

So, don’t panic, he’ll be back soon!

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  • Tmremote says:

    What if an alternate universe, Rip’s are actually pegwarmers like Francesco and everyone hates him…

    “Wow bro…that’s deep.”

    Oh, and also I saw on some forum that Rip is scheduled for Case H! Yippee!

  • jdeckard says:

    Thanks for the heads up about Academy Sports, I would have never thought they had cars toys. Does anyone know about sports authority? I just visited a Khols yesterday from reading the forums and they have the new ones and are the eye changing types. If anyone is in GA the only Rip I have found at a walmart is the Thorton Road walmart there was a lone one there around dec last year.

  • Mike Manifold says:

    Never found a Rip in the wild. I did look veeerry extensively too. Packing one to a case is not a Cars-fan friendly practice. Thank goodness for the trading forum!

  • bobbyjack says:

    I have only found a couple of Rips out in the wild and not since Walmart had those Red Bins out near Christmas.

  • Lane Change says:

    Funny that I saw this before I headed out for the day. First Walmart nothing but Francesco’s and a lone Rip. I have seen them at Academy too and last week picked up one at Kroger.

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    I’ve seen several Rips this week at Academy sports store. Didn’t realize he was hard to find after all the ones at Walmart. I don’t really keep up with Cars 2 releases though.

  • brittanycenter2007 says:

    My son still doesn’t have rip, maybe we will eventually find one on the shelf lol!!!

  • BMW says:

    I don’t see Rip being easy to find with only one per case.

  • Jack says:

    Only 1 to a case in H scheduled so far. So it should stay pretty rare for awhile. Although Kmart should put a rubber tire Rip for day 10. Will they is a different story?

  • cac1959 says:

    It will be great to find Rip on the pegs… I’d also like to see Mattel release the Rip launcher in the US… and if I’m going to dream, how about a Rip 3 pack at Kmart 10 consisting of the plastic tire racer, rubber tire racer, and silver series racer?

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