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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: CASE C Arrives in Europe as the Q Case

While the Themes 2013 US singles cases near the case codes Y0471-999 with the letter of the case assortment at the end (in this case Y0471-999C), Europe singles are W1938-997 – (or in this case W1938-997Q) … generally the letter codes are close but I guess not anymore.

NiftyNigel reports that Europe has gotten the US CASE C as CASE Q and it’s the same contents …

Though it’s more enticing for European collectors as many singles releases here in the US did not get a Europe release or it’s been a really long wait.


Tubbs Pacer, You the Bomb Mater (variant) & Cone Lightning McQueen.

I’m not sure if the original release in the TRU box set made it to Europe? And obviously, the You the Bomb Mater box set variant release was a Target US only release. Cone LM was part of the Final Lap series – not officially released in EU so not technically a variant for EU collectors. 🙂


I have not received mine yet but I’ve heard Brand New Mater is a return to his old ALL-METAL body. His first release was an all-metal version and one of the heaviest single releases ever – they switched him out to a more plastic version a while back but have they returned him back to all metal?

Case C

Thanks NiftyNigel for the heads up.

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  • deal or no cars says:

    Would be a good thing if Mattel Piece of Cr@P could send cases to Canada before 2016.

  • Dolly says:

    I saw case B here, that is the one with Rip right? Only one Rip but i was happy to help a friend out 😉 Still waiting to find more of cade D 🙂

  • Matersgrlfriend says:

    They could have definitely left out the Francescos! We got this case recently and pretty much all that’s left is Francescos keeping their earlier release brothers company warming those pegs.

  • yuffie says:

    yes, the brand new mater is an all metal body

    • D J says:

      Really!? As in the tow area? Not just a metal mouthpiece rather than plastic? This is a surprise! I looked at him in the store, but i guess not close enough! If i see him next time, i could use another all-metal Mater. Does this mean regular Mater is going back to the original too? It would be nice for his license plate area to be a decal rather than a sticker. He’s the only car to ever have a sticker, right? Think you know zinc? Zinc again!

      (MET: Orginal BN Mater’s body was all metal other than the tow hook piece, of course – unlike regular Mater’s tow bed which was always plastic, BN Mater was had the metal tow bed also – a unibody).

  • Tom says:

    Can never have too many Francescos!

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