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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Erik Laneley Error – AWK-WARD!

“Toyfountain” sends along pics of a pretty big error … apparently Erik Laneley is NOT supposed to a Honda but really a Fiat 500 …


Could’ve fooled us …


They did get the underplate correct.


Yea, if you look correctly in the screenshot, it’s a Fiat 500 …

Flag Erik

In a strange twist, Mattel has updated the Erik Laneley card in Europe!


While Mattel has corrected lots of cardbacks to fix errors and spelling error plates, I believe this is the front card art update?
Erik Laneley EU Alfa WM

Of course, the CAR itself hasn’t changed – just the card.

EL cardback

Here’s the US cardback and the EU cardback.

It’s a pretty big error that everyone along the way signed off on this. Will the CAR itself be fixed? Since they have completed a mold for a Fiat 500 (Luigi & Guido’s Dance partners (on the schedule as singles), will we get a new Erik Laneley?

Erik Laneley is scheduled in CASE D. Will his card get updated? He’s unlikely to get the diecast update … at least this go-around …

Thanks for the heads up and photos, “ToyFountain!”

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  • Tom says:

    So the fact that Eric Laneley is a Honda is not really an error. The error is that some of them have Fiat on the bottom and some have the Fiat ground off. The question I have is will there be a Fiat and Mini flag car?

  • Chase_Collector says:

    WOW…Just looked and I have quite a few of these!!! WOOHOO!!!

  • D J says:

    Lane change, good eye! Its so hard to see I never would have noticed the FIAT shaved off. I have noticed a similar senario i haven’t seen anyone mention, under Becky has “El Dorado” stamped in…rather than Mini cooper. Has anyone else seen this!?

  • niftynigel says:

    On both of ours, they are a sort of smokey dark blue!

    I think it’s actually the angle and lighting conditions of the photo that make them look different, although I appreciate that different computers, monitors, settings may also have an effect on what we can see in the photos.

    If I shine a torch through the back window, I can see clearly that the windows are blue. Both cars are still carded so photos may not be that revealing.

    Does anyone else have or see dark blue windows?

  • Bumper Save says:

    Are their windows different colors? In the pic with two different ones, it looks like the left Erik has black windows while the right Erik has grey – is that just lighting?

  • niftynigel says:

    We have two Erik Laneley’s. They were date stamped 2332EAA and 2652EAA.

    Both of them in UK cases (W1938-998G) (circa October 2012) on Porta Corsa cards have the Honda logo on the front and rear of the car.

    The SKU no. W6683 is in the centre of the car (where the FIAT TM logo is shown on your third photo down).

    There are still quite a few Erik Laneley’s around in stores as case W1938-998G is still one of the two ‘current’ cases in the UK.

    The oldest one I have seen in the UK is 1772EAA and that was only last week in case W1938-998H (the latest ‘reassortment’ case in the UK).

    I’ll look out to see what other oddities there are. I’m certainly going to have a closer look at the 1772EAA I saw last week, if it hasn’t been sold yet!

  • Dunroamin says:

    None of this means anything to me since neither the old cardback nor the new one has been seen in my area…lol…the car could be a Pinto and I wouldn’t know, except for John’s excellent analysis below…gracias john

  • BMW says:

    It makes sense that Pixar chose the flagman to be a Fiat at Porto Corsa, (Italy) and a Honda at Tokyo (Japan).

    Mattel messed up.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Aren’t there DIFFERENT starter Cars at the different race locations in the movie? I want to say it’s a Mini Cooper in London. I just think that Mattel is confusing characters, just like one might confuse Axel Accelerator with Rescue Squad Trooper.

  • John says:

    Been a long time since we watched the film… I seem to remember the race starter in Tokyo was a Honda and in Porto Corsa, a Fiat. Thought it made sense nationally. Maybe the German leg had a VW flag waver?

    So is Erik Laneley a Japanese name or an Italian one? 🙂

  • toyfountain says:

    I never looked underneath for TM. I was offering a pic of the two different cards showinf a Fiat and Honda Erik. You are right Metro that Erik Laneley is Fiat in the movie. Since you posted this I checked under the cars through the plastic bubble.

    The Erik Laneley Fiat card is the oldest card in Europe. The car itself has no Fiat TM underneath. The code is 1592 EAA. Stamped on the card 1772 EAA. From what I can tell they replaced this one.

    The Erik Laneley card included in the case P had the image corrected to reflect the mould of the Honda. It is a car with a Fiat TM underneath. The code is 2542 EAA. Stamped on the card 2572 EAA.

    The newest 2013 Cars Erik Laneley has a pic of a Honda, no Fiat TM underneath. The code is 2922 EAA. Stamped on the card 2972 EAA. This is the newest of the cards.

    All have the number W6683 moulded underneath.

  • Tom says:

    Overheard at Mattel meeting:
    “Oh wait, we are paying licensing fees to Fiatsler, but have been using Honda’s trademarks?” Oops.
    Wonder who caught it first, Honda, Fiatsler or Mattel?

  • Lane Change says:

    They evidently know this as I checked the one we have opened has the word Fiat ™ shaved off. Think I will have to check a few more that are on the Porto Corsa card today.

    • BMW says:

      The Erik I have open also has the Fiat shaved off the bottom. Interestingly the front does not have the Honda logo like in the first picture that Toyfountain provided. On mine its blank, no Honda symbol.
      The rear does have the Honda H symbol.

      Is this what others are seeing on their Erik’s?

      (MET: If you get a chance, send me a pic of the bottom and the front … I presume you opened a Porto Corsa one and not a Themes 2013 one? Or anyone else, send some pics along – this is an interesting can of worms that bears more CSI 🙂 )

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