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Mattel Hot Wheels Track Sets: Toyfair 2013

I’m no expert on Hot Wheels but the track sets they showed off at Toyfair all look pretty cool …


Hot Wheels® Team Hot Wheels™ Vertical Velocity
Hot Wheels® drag racing gets big air like never before with Team Hot Wheels™ Vertical Velocity. This thrilling stunt set pits two Team Hot Wheels™ 1:64 vehicles against each other in a vertical mid-air race where being first means safely avoiding a free-fall crash. To start, place a 1:64 Hot Wheels® vehicle in each of the sets’ launchers. Next, pull back the loading mechanism, press the button and the race is off. The vehicles engage in a daring-duel to be fastest in an attempt to be caught in the sets checkered flag cage located on top. The vehicle that does not successfully make the ascent crashes to the ground. Set includes one Team Hot Wheels™ 1:64 vehicle.

ARP: $22.99

This one works with your iPad!

HOT WHEELS® Triple Track Twister Playset
With three daring tracks, two controllers and one huge crash zone, it’s multi-car, never-before-seen mayhem! The set’s free downloadable Action Capture iPad® app and stand that’s integrated into the track adds a whole new dimension of thrills—and a Hot Wheels® first—augmented reality! Once the app is opened and the iPad® is placed in the holder, a new window of play opens with an augmented reality view of the action featuring animated obstacles. To begin racing, hit the red diverter to send cars on a collision course through twists, turns and loops, or hit the blue diverter to blast through the blue tunnel to take on a new track. Once cars race past the iPad®, watch as crazy on-screen excitement ensues. Set includes iPad® stand and free Action Capture app available at the App Store.  

ARP: $44.99            HW3

This looks like a fun wall one …

HOT WHEELS® Wall Tracks™ Roto-Arm Revolution
Award winning* Hot Wheels® Wall Tracks™ gets “geared” up with new stunts and clockwork motion! The Wall Tracks™ Roto-Arm Revolution brings exciting Hot Wheels® play to the wall with new non-stop continuous action. To get started, match up the track mounts to the easy-to follow template. Next secure the track with the included wall-friendly 3M Command™ strip fastening system. Now it’s time to race! Kids can choose their adventure – safe passage or wild thrills! Take the lower track and ride safely across the bridge to arrive at the bottom. Or wait for the right moment to defeat the spinning car crusher. Time it right and send it flying off the set! Place vehicles at the top of the track and watch as the claws on the rotating arms try and grab them on the descent. The arms can also lift up and drop vehicles off on a higher track to escape peril. With non-stop action, the fun never ends! Includes one Hot Wheels® die-cast vehicle.

ARP: $44.99            HW2

If that wall track looks crazy – this one looks like it will just come crashing down n your head but I’m guessing they tested it …

Hot Wheels® Wall Tracks™ Auto Motion Speedway™ Track Set
Award winning* Hot Wheels® Wall Tracks™ gets kinetic with kid-powered stunts and motion. No need for batteries as this set has the ability to take car-netic energy and transform it into thrillingly-fast and fun spins twists and turns. The cool clock-inspired Auto Motion Speedway™ uses the same wall-friendly 3M Command™ strip mounting system used on all sets and features parent-friendly easy install instructions. The new car-netic powered set includes a spinning loop, jumps and a daring pendulum like bridge. The Auto Motion Speedway™ can be used with existing Wall Tracks™ to expand on-the-wall vertical racing fun and works with most 1:64 Hot Wheels®. Includes one Hot Wheels® die-cast vehicle.

ARP: $24.99    


And my personal favorite – the Carcade!HW1

Hot Wheels® takes thrilling vehicle play to the arcade for family fun and gaming challenge! Hot Wheels® vehicles make their table top game debut with the Carcade inspired by classic pinball and skee-ball play. Gameplay centers on speed and obstacles and lets kids and the kid-at-heart use racing and launching skills in an action-packed car-cade setting. Choose to play solo or against opponents while fine tuning skills and winning tactics. To play just shoot the cars like pinballs and hit blinking targets in time for the best score! Race against the clock as you angle your launcher and shoot each car towards the blinking targets! Make it to the victory round, try to land in the winner’s circle and get the top score. Lights and sounds turn this arcade into an awesome family attraction. Comes with one die-cast car. Batteries not included.

ARP: $79.99  

There’s also a brief blurb on upcoming Hot Wheels – maybe already revealed? If not, enjoy!

HW Diecast

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