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Disney Pixar CARS: Disney Store Chase Long Ge (Now Online)

There is a new Disney Store Chase CAR that arrived just before Christmas.

Long Ge WM

It’s a little cultural faux pas to place him with a Tokyo street backdrop. πŸ™‚


But looks nice.

The next CHASE is the spiffed up Rescue Squad Mater – while Rescue Squad mater has been released by the Disney stores, the next CHASE version will show him off with Metallic paint and pin striping like the Mattel Ransburg ones.

Thanks for the nice photos, “Unixed,” and “Grinnin’ Cheshire.” Thanks!

UPDATE: Now online.

Thanks for heads up “ToyFountain” and “Mark F.”


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4 January 2013 Disney, Disney Pixar, Disney Pixar CARS 3 6 Comments


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