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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Lift & Launch Mack in Australia (UPDATE – Now at Mattel)

Last week when I posted on “Lift & Launch Mack,” I was thinking he seemed like a Christmas item … well, he is in Australia.

Thanks for spotting this “OzzieMum” and the great photo.

Is he another victim of US retailers lack of interest in most things CARS?

UPDATE – Thanks for the heads up, “salamada73,” I guess one retailer was forced to take it – Shop.Mattel. 🙂

And it’s on Cyber Monday sale (yes, it’s actually Tuesday).

Thanks Salamada73!

You have to scroll about half way down the page to see it – they also have Security Finn if you haven’t found that one. There are also offers to get 10% if you sign up for emails and this is your first order.

You can check out the other photos in the post HERE.

This is the UPC in case you want to see if your store is carrying it – 746775190972

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