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Mattel & Disney Stores – CARS 2006 to 2012: The Hard to Find to the Rare …

Frank Genovese has kindly sent along his list of the hard to find to rarest CARS (both US, international, Mattel & Disney Store). Thanks, Frank – great list!

Medium Rare
1) All 3 Luigi / Guido with paint rollers cards (US, International, and Canadian/Singapore)
2) Dirt Track Doc Hudson vertical 3 pack
3) Horizontal 3 pack Sparemint
4) 3 Cousins (Jud, Buford, Cletus)
5) Mia/Tia 1:18 – 5000
6) Race Damaged Mood Springs
7) Sally w/Cone on short ROR card
8) Snow Day Sally storytellers
9) Meet at Flo’s set
10) Flo’s V8 Cafe (first printing – original set)
11) Horizontal 3 pack Nitroade Crew – US version
12) Lightning Storm McQueen from SDCC
13) Suds Mater from SDCC
14) Van with Sticker on rear Nice Butte
15) Supercharged Rusty and Dusty (Greek Card)
16) Supercharged Flea and Flik US Card (Greek Card)
17) Brian Parks
18) Frank the Combine
19) Hooman
20) Coriander Widetrack
21) Derek Decal Dobbs
22) Swift Alternator
23) Cartney Brakin
24) Prince Wheeliam
25) Blu-Ray Finn McMissile (must have Top Secret bag and box from D23 expo as the car itself was re-released)
26) Blu-Ray Mcqueen with brown envelope original packaging
27) Dr. Feel Bad
28) John Lassetire
29) Fred Fisbowski
30) Chuy
31) Bye Bye Kar
32) Cruz Besouro
33) Giuseppe Motorosi
34) Kyandee
35) Black Mack Hauler
36) RIP Clutchgoneski Disney Store model with ‘Cars’ in logo (not ‘Cars 2’) and with racing background.

Exclusives (these are cars released only in a set at retailers but never as a single. None of these have been re-released to date so rarity is there once the set disappears from stores. For example, Hank Hallsum hasn’t been seen in years in stores and has never had a single released of him so he is rare. Other items are newer but future value, demand, and rarity are anticipated for these once the sets are gone from stores.)

1) Hank Hallsum
2) Okuni (pink)
3) Shigeko (blue)
4) Tamiko (purple)
5) Denise Beam
6) Ronnie Cooper
7) Frank Clutchenson
8) Murphy
9) Charlie Cargo
10) Frank Pinkerton

Items Removed from Rarity List (these are cars that were once on our rarity lists above but have since been removed. Reasons provided below for each item)

1) Combat Ship (re-release occurred in October 2012 by Disney store)
2) Dexter Hoover w/checkered flag (re-release coming as announced on multiple message boards by those with inside info)
3) Bruno Motoreau (exclusive in Target 4 pack then re-released by Mattel in 2-pack Nov 2012)
4) David Hobbscapp (exclusive in Target 7 pack but announced as a definite re-release for 2013)

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