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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: The New Normal is Like the Old Normal (SNAFUed)

Well, on one hand, it’s good to see that a case that’s released from Mattel’s warehouse arrive at retail within a few days … much like it was for most of CARS 2007 to 2010 so if you decided not to purchase the entire case, that case would show up at retail and you could pick and choose … CASE A has arrived at Target.

But the new normal is much like the old normal of 2011 to today where the only CARS remaining on the pegs are (outside of 2 Chick Hicks, 1 Tow and 1 Vladimir Trunkov …), YEP, Lightning McQueen’s, Francesco’s, a few Mater’s and yep, a few Finn’s).

Yep, 10-minutes into 2013, it’s SNAFUed already. It’s normal … in the worst possible way.

I hope that stores do not get anymore CASE A’s and load up on CASE B’s (only 2 Francesco’s, No LM’s and 1 Mater).

There was a grandmother there buying holiday gifts for the grandkids at another Target that didn’t even have the Chicks or Tow left – just LM, Mater, Francesco & Finn … It was sad … I couldn’t really tell her to drive to this store where her selection was 2 more choices (possibly) … so I hoped her grand kids were about 2 and getting their first CARS which would be fine to get LM & Mater but otherwise … RETURN CITY. Like another Target store needs LM and Mater … so yea, new year, same old, same old sad “normal.”

Though, yes, if you want the London Rescue 12-pack – on sale until Wednesday night … plenty on the endcap.

While it’s not a Black Friday item, unless you are the over anxious type, you might want to hang onto the receipt for another few weeks and see if it gets another price drop – maybe $34.99 … or you can really play the odds for a December 26 clearance … but it all depends on if there’s another sale … if there’s a sale to $34.99, that might be enough to sell enough down to a few so no markdown on December 26 is necessary BUT if there are no more sales or even just another one at $39.99, I just don’t think there’s enough general interest to really sell through 16-24 that each store might get … so 30% is a definite possibility or perhaps even 50% (from $49.99) though the box might be a bit beat up and it probably won’t last to 70% off unless you don’t mind a repack of 12-diecasts (some CARS, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, cereal box cars, ball bearings in the shape of Sally, Burnt Professor Z (replaced with a pile of ashes) and a Doc Hudson Pez dispenser).

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  • Frank says:

    Very sad indeed. This was the case with the 2 Targets I visited. Not a single desirable from Case A left unless you are looking for McQ, Mater, or Francesco. Although I did see a Lightning Ramone…

  • BMW says:

    My nearest Target only had 3 of the sets on the endcap on Sunday with no backstock. 2 sets had the 2 piece Finn – one had the unibody Finn.

    The price with the $5.00 off coupon in the Target Toy Catalogue was 33.25 (5% additional discount with Red Card)

    Some people have not been able to use the toy catalogue coupon but my Target accepted it.

    Not all Targets have large amounts like in your picture, Met.

  • Tom says:

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  • cac1959 says:

    Finn, McQueen, and Francesco are all I’ve seen at Target stores in western Ohio and central Indiana.

    Meijer is worse – 80+ Finn, 3 McQueen, 2 Francesco, and 1 Rod.

    And the local Walmart is all McQueen, Francesco with 6 Holley and 2 Rod from the 2012 case A.

    We’d collect them all if they’d distribute them all.

  • bobbyjack says:

    I think my local Target still has Case A from May 2011.

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