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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Target London Rescue 12-Pack Sale + TRU Coupon

The London Rescue 12-pack will not be a Black Friday item but $10 off is nice …

Could it be a better value with more new releases? Sure … but you do get:

Professor Z variant with no mirror and web/cable accessory previously unreleased.

Ramone UK paint – might be an exclusive also as Ramone UK with Paint Gun is the single version.

Finn unibody (first release).

Holley unibody (new singles are unibody).

You The Bomb Mater variant bomb design different than You Da Bomb Mater from 5-pack (single version coming – presumably will match this release).

Don Crumlin – different eye colors.

Sally/Sheriff – Not also easy to find at retail for new collectors.

So, while not great – not terrible like some other multi-packs.

When I last looked, there was only 1 in my store but they may have gotten more in for this sale.

Since it’s not marked LIMITED, if your store does not have it in stock, you should be able to get a raincheck for it at $39.99 … and who knows, sometimes the Target coupon printer will spew out a $5 or $10 off coupon – you might have to spend $50 or $75 but this set will put you on the way …

TRU also has a 20% off one item for the next few days (there are a massive amount of restrictions (no ipads or ipods) but for most toys, you are pretty much okay). Don’t re-print this one, grab one from the Sunday paper.

Thanks “Toomsterev” for the heads up.

Here is Target’s Black Friday CARS items.

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