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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast 2013: Case B Coming (Rip Is In It)

SPOILER Alert … Case B 2013 is on its way (soon … and yep, Rip Clutchgoneski is actually in it!

Thanks JMDL Toys for all the great photos!

Not a CHASE but there’s only one Rip in each case. Well, you can either chalk it up to a ****** *********** ******* or for those glass half fuller’s – maybe there is a box set and launcher coming with Rip so Mattel figures we’ll be so overloaded with Rip … spilling out of the shelves … highly, highly unlikely but it is possible …

Again, a nice case with a plethora of NEW CARS.

There’s also 1 Erik Laneley … while not exactly new, new – not many people have found him on the last card.

There are 2 Blue Pacer’s in the case – now called Petey Pacer – essentially a repaint of Acer with Torch but still nice.

And expected, there’s a theme that was not shipped in CASE A – I thought it might be some Spy theme to fit Finn and the CARS with weapons but it’s actually called Airport Adventure …

Great googly, moogly eyed Siddeley – have you been hypnotized by Dr. No?

There are two of Grem with Weapon.

But surprise, there’s another CARS 2 theme! The Palace Chaos theme! And 2 of Holley with Screen – it looks great – they didn’t just do a cheap small screen but extended it all the way across. Nice!

There are also some releases that are not new but hard to find such as Kabuto … not sure why he’s black (well the screenshot).

There’s 1 of Rusty who most people probably last saw on the shelf as a 2-pack back in 2009 or maybe as a rare Target Storytellers 3-pack so he’s all normal now. With Dusty in CASE A, now a lot of people have the brothers complete.

There’s 3 of Cactus McQueen … surprise, there’s also a lightning McQueen theme …

Rusty and Cactus LM look the same from this angle …

The rest are returning CARS 1 or CARS 2 diecasts … 2 King and 1 of the Luigi/Guido card. For variant collectors, it looks like 2006 King (recently released at TRU in the RS Classics series) with the slightly clipped back wheel well.

The one Miguel is most likely the unibody while I do not think the one Victor H. will offer many changes.

There is also two Francesco’s & one Race Team Mater (repeats from CASE A).

There is also ONE FINN  – most likely the unibody update – I guess no one thought we’d want a pic of Finn. 🙂

All and all, another very nice case that could’ve been great if each case contained at least 4 Rip Clutchgoneski’s – or at least 2 but still, 5 new CARS in this case makes it nice and many old favorites long out of release so 2013 case wise is off to a good start. Send us a pic if you see this or CASE A on the shelves.

Thanks for the great pics, JMDL Toys.

I’ll update this post when CASE B leaves the warehouse.

So, there are three new “themes” – the diecasts featured on the back are mostly known but I’ll update the checklists to reflect these CARS.

The Airport Adventure theme has 7 CARS in it – 5 featured here – the other two are probably the other Airport Security officer (essentially a repaint of Murakarmi) and maybe “luggage truck?” Airport Mater is a new listing – he seems more like “Sleepy Mater?”

Well, it looks like the price of Muddy McQueen will drop drastically – I guess the missing LM out of the theme of 5 is original CARS 1 LM?

It looks like the remaining 7 Palace Chaos CARS are not ready for photographing just yet. Presumably four of the missing 7 are Miles with opening hood, the Agent with Gun (the black Range Rover), the Ford Cops and Sgt. Highgear, the Palace Guard …

And Palace Chaos™ is apparently so important that Mattel trademarked the phrase before it sweeps the nation. So, don’t bootleg the phrase on t-shirts or if you occupy and riot in front of a palace, don’t use the phrase that pays Mattel.

And the grammar police won this round in listing YOU DA BOMB MATER as That’s Mister – YOU THE BOMB MATER – who will win the banner in front of card when it actually gets released?

You can only imagine the fight – “Oh, it’s on, Mister! You will find scrabble tiles wedged where the Sun’s orbital rays impede, nay – triumph over the speed of light! Your buttocks!”

So, how many more themes can they slice this?

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