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Disney Pixar CARS 2: Disney Store Rip Clutchgoneski is Back

In case you missed it in the beautiful visual checklist photos from “Unixed,” Rip Clutchgoneski is back at the Disney Stores with a new background …

They might as well slap a CHASE sticker on him – both releases seem to be limited …

Not online – you have to try your Disney Stores that are actually stores.

Thanks for the nice photo, “Unixed.”

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  • adamo01902 says:

    I just picked up 3 RIPS, Sheriff at my local Disney Store. I was going there to get the 5 car Disney Mater pack with exclusive Ivan Mater and was shocked to see them for sale!! I wanted to buy more but left a few behind for another collector or maybe some kid that will enjoy RIP just to play with like my son.

    • Unixed says:

      Do you remember how much the box set was? Were you able to apply the 25% discount on top of the sale?

      I really like Ivan, but purchasing 4 repeats for Ivan was not acceptable to me, especially at $30.

      • adamo01902 says:

        I paid $30 for the Mater set. I didn’t find out about the 25% until today. Based on seeing your collection, I would not of bought the box set either. Maybe you can pick up a loose Ivan online??

        Any idea on when the Star Wars/ Cars hybrid figures are going to be released?

        • Unixed says:

          From all of the research I conducted, the Car Wars Hybrids will be released Spring 2013. They will only be available at the parks, from what I gathered.

          I am very anxious to see them get released. I collected the full set of the announcement trading cards.

          (MET: The parks do phone orders and this may be available online at the DS website … you know, if there’s interest. 🙂 ).

    • Agalliva says:

      What Disney store did you find Rip in? I also live in the Northeast and have been searching for one since last year for my son. It’s one of 3 cars he’s asking for Christmas.

  • taylor says:

    Found 4 cases of Mattel Launchers unopened on on the floor in Debenhams UK, thought I might stand a chance of finding RIP so I asked an employee to open them! After Carla, McQueen, Francesco,Jeff, etc etc..NOPE…no luck at all, the hunt goes on 🙂

  • Lane Change says:

    I’ve been to 3 Disney stores in my area and only found him at one. Of course I bought 6 of them leaving the one in the broken case, went back to the same store two days later and found another. I’ve also noticed that the price has really begun to drop on ebay from $60-$70 a month ago to $35-$40.

  • Unixed says:

    The “Wave 2” release of Rip Clutchgoneski does seem to be absent from the online Disney Store. The original release of Rip does seem to have a page dedicated to him. Of course he is sold out.

    • adamo01902 says:

      Wow that is lousy if they only release them at the parks. I live in the northeast, by the time we take my son to Cars Land they probably won’t be available. Sounds like the same type of set up as the Cars collector coins. Thanks for the reply.

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