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The Sandy Super Storm Aftermath …

Here’s a haunting timelapse video pulled from a NY Times webcam – note the city south lights go down about 40 seconds in … of course, those of you in NY and NJ probably don’t want to see this again …

You can donate to the Red Cross here.


While I’ve only been to the Jersey Shore a few times, but these photographs show the staggering scope of devastation and upheaval – via ModernMet.


Also from Modern Met – more Jersey shore & some of NYC – now already iconic shots.


Of course, there’s also real art going on to capture this moment in time – photographer Guillaume Gaudet poetically captures NY City in the dark – via Facebook.

Hopefully things get back to normal ASAP … New Yorker & Jerseyites are not going to let a few megatons of destruction hold them down for long …

And not surprisingly, there are idiots … so far, not many stories of looters but apparently this model decided, hey, wanton destruction, toppled trees, death and devastation? That’s PERFECT as my modeling backdrop … more at Gawker.


Or if you’re in Baltimore, you can go on a Carnival Cruise to NOWHERE (via USA Today) … literally – For $129 and up, you get a room and I guess you can say you were on a cruise (ship) but it won’t leave the dock … on Sunday, it goes back to its normal run to the Bahamas. … Seems like an expensive buffet.

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2 November 2012 News 2 Comments


  • Jack says:

    Well the aftermath is terrible in my neighborhood and plenty of others. It’s literally like living in a worn torn 2nd or 3rd world nation. The entire coast line is destroyed for a couple hundred miles.
    Obama is visiting my neighborhood tomorrow I hear. He is landing less than a half mile from my house and right next to my daughters temporary school as hers was really hard hit with the storm surge. As was the gym my son use to practice basketball and his little league field whose entire electric system has been destroyed.
    Any the Presidents visit will mean an even bigger traffic nightmare than usual lately but at least more people will see how bad things actually are for so many people still.

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