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Administrative Notice – TakeFive Users

Just a quick reminder that only official ADVERTISERS are allowed to solict CARS related business on TakeFiveaDay. The only exception is if you are casually/non-professionally offering CARS to trade or sell in the forum – and if anyone chimes in with their “needs,” anyone is free to offer their services and sales to them via PM. We don’t charge a fee and we hope that people are quick to sell, buy or trade with trust here.

What we ask is this:

You cannot direct readers to your eBay auctions or other website of items you are offering for sale. (you are free to provide information or to mock offerings not yours. 🙂  ).

You cannot solicit our readers to “check out your CARS site,” via our forum.

So, when leaving a comment, make sure your signature path is not to another CARS site.

So, your forum signature must not include any links or solicit CARS business.

If you have a personal website that covers your life in general (such as a non-business facebook site), it’s all fine. If your website links are to any NON-Disney Pixar CARS sales site, then all is great. We welcome that and would love to get you new business. So, you are fine.

If you have any questions, I’m always here to answer them and will let you know what might cross the line.

I will go back through Sunday night to send out notices to any user abusing this. And as usual, if you run across any user you feel is abusing this, let me know.


metroxing (at) gmail.com


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2 November 2012 Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 3 2 Comments


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