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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Kmart CARS Day #9 Sealed Case Pre-Sale Starts …

The Pre Sale is NOW LIVE


Well, technically the pre-sale starts Sunday … though it could mean anytime between now and Sunday so chime in if it goes live … (or it may not go live on Sunday).

(I checked, the last link was removed and there is no new link as of right now – Friday 11:00 PM PST).

There is no case assortment info yet but it seems likely there will be 2 of the non racers each and probably 6 Lightning’s so figure the remaining 14 CARS in the case are split among the remaining 4 racers.

There are two coupons codes that seem active:

KTOYS20 (if you buy $200 worth of toys)

OFFERS10 (10% off your purchase which is clearly a better deal).

There is also an auto offer of free shipping for orders over $49 (US only).

For international collectors, since presumably Kmart has cut back on ordering these CARS, they are international versions coming … the international market will get the exact same series of WGP racers in Silver Metallic paint (no KM logo). I presume international means it’s going to be offered to Canadian, European and Australia retailers – that’s not to say there will be any takers and the actual list of countries is unknown so chime in if you actually see it in your country. (And no RIP also).

So, it might come to your country but it’s definitely coming to the US in the next two weeks.


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