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Disneyana Fans: The Takara Tomy Disney T-Arts Beans Collection

Good luck completing this one … 110 Plushes …

I think I could name about 100 of them … is that a duck next to Stitch?

Is that a house by Wall-E?

I suppose the Skunk from Bambi has a name?

Next to Buzz – is that fat Woody? Did I miss that short? 🙂

But it looks there’s someone/something from 80+ years of Disney and Pixar animation films and some shorts.

You can actually buy the entire set in a box from Disney Store Japan – plus there are closeups if you want to try and guess every character.

The Takara Tomy Beans site (in Japanese).

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9 October 2012 collecting, Disney, Disney Pixar 12 Comments


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