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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: 1:55 Scale Lights & Sounds Update

Yesterday, we posted on the CARS flanker lineups that probably are EOL and not going to survive to 2013. Left unknown are the 1:55 metal diecast Lights & Sounds series which are quite nice but does not have a lot of support at retail. They actually seem to sell okay (no huge stockpile on the pegs) but also not a lot of re-orders and not a lot of information from Mattel if there will a case that gets released after CASE L.

So, here is the current checklist with great photos from “John H.” This chart is still accurate other than the photo of Darrell Cartrip is on card.

There are still 4 releases on the list: Headphones Brent Mustangberger, Headphones Mater, Security Finn and Raoul CaRoule … that are unreleased – but fingers crossed, maybe they are just being moved to 2013 … or they might be out in the next month for the holidays.


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