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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: You’re Dead to Me – Singles Cases J, K, L, & W

I hope the earlier warning means this post won’t be quite a shock to you.

Singles Cases J, K, L, & W CANCELED.

The naked & the dead …

So, no Russia Ultimate Chase and no Galloping Geargrinder for now.

The Celine here was a CHASE without the Kmart sticker so technically new plus CHASE Fabrizio.

And probably the nicest of the 3 dead cases – Ultimate Chase Memo Rojas (Mexico), and three Chase CARS? Sir Gassup, Alexander Hugo with Hat and Mary Escocar.

And not that it matters but the twin of J, Y is also canceled as is M, the twin of L.

W mostly survives in the guise of a new Q case – post coming soon – but not terribly exciting.

There is also news that Walmart will get two exclusive cases N & P. The Ultimate Chases look like they are being moved into next year’s cases – still gathering details but will Walmart cases N & P contain the other 6-7 “missing” CARS? Probably? Will keep you posted.


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